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 Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

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PostSubject: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:43 am

Author: fhrulz21
Title: Founders' Heirs
Status: WIP
Pairing: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley
Minor Pairing: Ron Weasley/ Hermione Granger, James Potter/ Lily Potter, Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe, Dark!Harry
Genre: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama
Season/Episode/Book: Post-Order of the Phoenix
Size: Currently 70,058 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: some mild violence
Spoilers: Previous books
Summary: Harry and Company are sent to an alternate universe where his parents are still alive, he is dead and Voldemort is still very active. The twist, they have just beaten Voldemort in their dimension by uniting Hogwarts as the Founder's Heirs.
Link; http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2697767/1/Founders_Heirs
Series/Sequels: N/A
Additional Information: N/A

Author: hermyd
Title: Harry Potter and Godric's Legacy
Status: WIP Incomplete
Pairing: Harry Potter/ Ginny Weasley
Minor Pairing: Remus Lupin/ Nymphadora Tonks
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe, Independent!Harry, Soul Bonding,
Genre: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama,
Season/Episode/Book: Post Order of the Phoenix
Size: currently 109,636 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Mild Violence, non-graphical mentions of past rapes,
Spoilers: Up to the fifth book
Summary: Harry is fed up with Dumbledore's interference and sets out to do things his way, with help from some unexpected sources. When he learns the second half of the Prophecy, and finds his power, he won't allow anything to stand in his way.
Link; http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5270746/1/Harry_Potter_and_Godrics_Legacy
Series/Sequels: N/A
Additional Information: N/A
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Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley
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