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 Fanfiction Recs/Challenges Posting Templates

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PostSubject: Fanfiction Recs/Challenges Posting Templates   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:17 am

How to organize your recommendation(s):
Blank template for recommendations in the next post. Quote it to get the italics and bolding. Makes it easier on you.
Author:- Name of the author.
Title:- Title of the story goes here.
Status:- Is it a WIP, Complete, or on indefinite hiatus?
Pairing: - Major pairing please. If they are not the focus of the story then don't post them. If the story goes from a Harry/Ginny to Harry/Draco, then it is NOT a Harry/Ginny story.
Minor Pairings: - Here you can post MINOR pairings.
Additional Categories: - The story will be placed in a pairing thread under a theme section so here, you can post MINOR categories. See list below for more universal categories.
Genre: - See list below
Season/Episode/Book:- Name the season like is it a Mighty Morphin fic or a Operation Overdrive fanfic? Any particular episode does it go to? What Book does it come from? What Season does it go to? Specify the time period the story falls into.
Size: - How long is it? If you don't know and don't want to guess, N/A it. Or you can you small, drabble, novel, medium sized.
Rating: - Please give an accurate rating.
Warnings: - Give warning INCLUDING ones not listed below.
Spoilers: - Is it going to spoil a future episode?
Summary: - Quick summary. can be the author's.
Link:- Provide the link here in full. just use the coding around it so I can see the full url so no hyperlink.
Series/Sequels:- Is it part of a huge series of stories or is it the prequel of another? If so, post only names and links to them in order.
Additional Information:- Anything that can't be stated above should be placed here.

How to organize your Challenge(s):
Blank template for challenges in the next post. Quote it to get the italics and bolding. Makes it easier on you. For challenges, the one who takes it will have a creative license once they start writing. So the one who issues the challenge cannot force the one who takes to write it exactly like the challenger wants. If you want a story to be your way, you can write your own.
Pairing: - Name the pairing you wish to see.
Categories: - Name the major category you want it to be.
Season/Episode/Book:- Name the timeline you want it in.
Size: - How long do you want it.
Rating: - Do you want sexual scenes in here or not.
Summary: - Give a quick summary of the challenge.
Series/Sequels:- Would you like to see the story in a series or have a sequel?
Additional Information:- Anything that can't be stated above should be placed here.

Name: Spell name Should be upfront. Incantation here
English Translation: If the incantation is in another language, you can post the translation here
Description: Describe the appearance of the spell here ie if it's bright radical orange ghosts dripping pink ooze or something.
Classification: Light? Dark? Grey? Clear? (snort that last one is weird)
Symptoms: If it causes symptoms, what is it? Bruises? Face in the arse? Bright orange poo?
Notes: Any other additional info here.

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PostSubject: Re: Fanfiction Recs/Challenges Posting Templates   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:18 am

Copy the templates and insert info in your post.

Fic Recommendation Template

[color=orange][size=24]Author: Name Here[/size][/color]
Minor/Other Pairing(s):
Additional Categories:
Link: [url]URL HERE[/url]
Additional Information:

Challenge Template
Additional Information:

Original Spells template
[size=18]Name: [i]Spell name[/i][/size]
English Translation:
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Fanfiction Recs/Challenges Posting Templates
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