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 Harry Potter/Severus Snape

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PostSubject: Harry Potter/Severus Snape   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:52 am

Author: Lee Lee Potter
Title: Death Eater Takes a Holiday
Status: Complete
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Minor Pairing: Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom/Ginny Weasley, Albus Dumbledore/Minerva McGonagall
Additional Categories: powerful!Harry
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure
Season/Episode/Book: AU post GoF
Size: 88 chapters
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, adult situations, graphic sex
Spoilers: N/A
Summary: Albus spells a few Order members back to their seventh year age, and sends them to spend time at Hogwarts for a holiday. The Headmaster's intent is for them to learn that Harry is indeed mature for his age, so that he will be accepted as a full member. What will happen when Severus returns from his time as a teen, to find he has spent the better part of the week entwined with a certain Gryffindor? And, how do their lives change afterwards?
Link: http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=564
Series/Sequels: N/A
Additional Information: N/A
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Harry Potter/Severus Snape
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