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 Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

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PostSubject: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:53 am

Author: Count Westwest
Title: The Witch, the Wizard, and the Wall
Status: WIP Incomplete
Pairing: Harry Potter/ Ginny Weasley
Minor Pairing: Remus Lupin/ Nymphadora Tonks
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe,
Genre: Action, Adventure
Season/Episode/Book: Takes place a few years after the defeat of Voldemort
Size: Currently 51,942 words
Rating: Mature (NC-17)
Warnings: Strong Graphic Sex
Spoilers: N/A
Summary: Harry rents a small flat that shares a thin wall with a female neighbor. The sometimes arousing, sometimes disturbing noises he hears, awaken an unknown side in him. Is it perversion, or is it love?
Link; http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5657194/1/The_Witch_the_Wizard_and_the_Wall
Series/Sequels: N/A
Additional Information: There is a minor scene of Harry Potter/ Hermione Granger but it's not a minor pairing. You have to read why.

Author: hgfan1111
Title: Easier to Be
Status: Complete
Pairing: Harry Potter/ Ginny Weasley
Minor Pairing: Ron Weasley/ Hermione Granger
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe, Guardian!Sirius
Genre: Angst, Romance
Season/Episode/Book: Post 1998
Size: 145,103 words
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mention of Minor Character Death, mild violence, non-graphic sexual scenes, UST
Spoilers: Mostly from book 2
Summary: Two strangers. One, a reluctant and lonely hero trying to find a purpose in life. The other, a young woman who wants to find herself and come to terms with her haunted past. What will happen when these two get to know each other? Will they help each other
Link; http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4641003/1/Easier_To_Be
Series/Sequels: N/A
Additional Information: Some of the scenes taken from the Books are slightly AU.

Author: romanticangel92
Title: My Green Eyed Mystery
Status: WIP- incomplete
Pairing: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley
Minor Pairing: Ron Weasley/ Lavender Brown, Neville Longbottom/Hannah Abbott, Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini/Luna Lovegood, James Potter/ Lily Potter, Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks, Sirius Black/Severus Snape
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe, BWL!Neville, Slytherin!Harry, Marriage Law
Genre: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance
Season/Episode/Book: Circa 1997
Size: Currently 43,413 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Attempted Rape (mild)
Spoilers: N/A
Summary: When the Minister of magic instates a new marriage law, Ginny finds herself engaged to the mysterious and aloof Slytherin, Harry Potter. When Ginny finally decides she should get to know him better, will she be able to fall in love?
Link; http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5306776/1/My_Green_Eyed_Mystery
Series/Sequels: N/A
Additional Information: N/A
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Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley
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