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 Welcome to Caer Arianrhod! Home of the HP Rec Site

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PostSubject: Welcome to Caer Arianrhod! Home of the HP Rec Site   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:24 am

DISCLAIMER: The HARRY POTTER series and all of its characters, beasts, villains, etc are owned by J.K. Rowling and the respective publishers in various publishing companies. Fanfiction Authors DO NOT write the stories or draw the arts to make money. THIS IS JUST FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT AND OTHERS. Infringement is not intended. Original Characters, plots, and villains are owned by their respective authors.

1) Respect must be given to each member regardless of their opinion, views, beliefs etc.

2) Please to topics of each section of the forum. If you think it might be a double topic, then search through to make sure.

3) No posting of actual stories. If you are new at writing fanfiction, I suggest using www.fanfiction.net to post your story.

4) Follow each rule and definitions of all sections. So don't go posting Harry Potter fics in the Stargate Recommendation section.

Infractions, Warning, Bans, etc. Any form of rule breaking will be given an warning, then an infraction. After three infractions, you will be banned. Continuous aggravation will result in a permaban.

Content that is not allowed on here due to the Forum TOS include:

  1. Higher rated versions of the M-Rated, MA/R-rated stories found on FF.net
  2. NC-17 rated fics

To find the NC-17 rated version of the HP Rec Site, you can go here.

Section Definitions:
General Information and News
This is were you can see who's recently registered and any forum news that needs to be read.

Fanfiction Author Homes
This is where authors post news regarding their stories and where readers may post reviews and questions.

Harry Potter Fanfiction Recommendations/Challenges
Where you can post story recommendations and challenges to other readers and authors. Each of the major themes is listed as a subsection. Pairing are listed under each theme.

Art and Video
Fan Videos and Art may be posted here. Just be sure to provide a disclaimer if need be.

All members are required to be Sorted into one of the House groups. Either they can pick their House or decided to take the Hogwarts House Quiz. Once Sorted into a House, you will not be able to move for 3 months. To help in mass pms for the Headmistress, all members will be added to the usergroup, Hogwarts.
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Welcome to Caer Arianrhod! Home of the HP Rec Site
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