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 List of Original Spells

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PostSubject: List of Original Spells   Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:53 am

List of Original Spells

Name: Acerturbo
English Translation: Violent whirling motion
Description: Causes victim to spin around in the air like if caught in the vortex of a tornado
Classification: Light
Symptoms: headaches, risk of broken bones, concussion, paralysis, death
Notes: Similar in concept to levicorpus; can be cancelled by Liberacorpus

Name: Adurocorpus
English Translation: set fire to body
Description: Red violet flames in flight: a blue violet when on a target
Classification: Dark
Symptoms: Prolongs the pain as long as possible as the nerves are left intact.

Name: Amplector caraestus
English Translation: to embrace the beloved’s passionate fire
Description: Creation of illusion of multicolored flames around the two lovers,
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Binds their souls and magic’s together

Name: Argentelum
English Translation: Silver dart
Description: Conjures a solid silver dart that flies through the air
Classification: Light
Symptoms: On a werewolf, poisons the victim. On a normal human, causes wounds similar to a dagger
Notes: Created for the sole purpose of killing a werewolf

Name: Bello Patronum
English Translation: protector to wage war
Description: A silvery patronus called forth to attack
Classification: Light
Symptoms: N/A
Notes: Fueled by righteous anger to protect a loved one

Name: Candeo Imber
English Translation: To grow brilliant rain showers
Description: Casts a spray of multicolored sparks
Classification: Light
Symptoms: N/A
Notes: Depending on caster’s will, sparks can change color

Name: Contragito
English Translation: against to put in motion
Description: Freezes the momentum of individual, whether in falling or jumping off something
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Hanging from the air
Notes: Cannot throw a person, keeping the person in the same position.

Name: Crudesco Viruo
English Translation: become hard slime
Description: Spits out a jet of slime that immediately begins to harden around the victim
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Inability to move

Name: Cruento fletus
English Translation: to make bloody tears
Description: Noted by the reddening of eyes, bloody tears, increased inability to see
Classification: Dark
Symptoms: After a period of time, the symptoms worsen until blood fills the eyeballs causing them to explode.

Name: Everbero
English Translation: to strike hard
Description: Similar to that of being punched violently
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Depending on intensity and power of the spell, can cause of mild pain to internal bleeding, concussion, and death

Name: Expulsum viscus
English Translation: to expel the entrails
Description: The organs are forced through the skin of the victim, but still intact, victim dies a slow death
Classification: Dark
Symptoms: No symptoms as effects are instantaneous
Notes: Medical origin

Name: Fervidus Phoinix
English Translation: Fiery foaming phoenix
Description: Creates a conjured phoenix that burns surrounding area, capable to listening to the demands of the caster
Classification: Light
Symptoms: A trail of fire behind
Notes: A Light, controlled version of Fiendfyre

Name: Gemino Illusio
English Translation: To double illusion
Description: Creates an illusion of the caster and projects it around the battlefield
Classification: Light
Symptoms: N/A
Notes: Shelf life depends on the power of the caster as well as the complexity (ability to act like caster) of the illusion; once hit by a spell, illusion disappears;

Name: Glacialis solum
English Translation: full of ice floor
Description: Depending on the strength of the caster and intent, turns the surrounding ground or floor into an icy surface
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Causes bruises, inability to stand

Name: Glaciartus
English Translation: Frozen limbs
Description: The victim is slowly frozen to death as the outer limbs turn to solid ice and creep up until it reaches the heart. If removed, the body frozen is liquefied
Classification: Dark
Symptoms: Fingers and toes beginning turning to a dark purple as circulation decreases. First taken as frost bite. Usually identified as after foot bones are frozen solid.

Name: Igneverbero
English Translation: Fiery whip
Description: Causes burning whips to come out of caster’s wand; if struck, it sears the flesh to the bone if caught long enough; if victim survives, the wounds slowly heal
Classification: Dark
Symptoms: Obvious

Name: Illustro Caliga
English Translation: Lighten the gloom
Description: Cancels out Infusco Caliga
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Allows combatants to see

Name: Infusco Caliga
English Translation: to make dark gloom
Description: Creates a dark mist in the area surrounding the caster, preventing the ability to see
Classification: Light
Symptoms: In ability to see combatants and surroundings
Notes: Countercurse is Illustro Caliga

Name: Interepectus
English Translation: to decay the heart
Description: The heart inside the victim decays while beating
Classification: Dark
Symptoms: First seen as a heart attack, evident as dead skin cells begin to concentrate in blood; scarring of heart tissue

Name: Iuguolo
English Translation: To cut the throat
Description: Causes throat of victim to be sliced open, severing all the major arteries
Classification: Dark
Symptoms: Obvious

Name: Murus Marmoreus
English Translation: Defending wall like marble
Description: Conjures a small slab of marble of varying surface area and thickness depending on caster’s power reserves and intent
Classification: Light
Symptoms: None
Notes: Can be used to block the Unforgivable and any high class spell

Name: Minuo lentulus
English Translation: To bleed someone a little slowly
Description: Death by a thousand cuts
Classification: Dark
Notes: used to torture prisoners;

Name: Omnihilo
English Translation: completely demolish
Description: completely vaporizes the target

Name: Occulto Pallium (Occulto for simpler tasks)
English Translation: To hide mantle
Description: A specific and more permanent version of the Disillusionment charm
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Hides the wearer(s) of the Invisibility cloak
Notes: Most people believe the simple version of the Disillusionment charm is placed on the cloak which is a false belief

Name: Silicis Vallum
English Translation: Hard stone earthen wall
Description: Conjures a temporary stone wall from the earth that can block spells, allowing caster a temporary relieve
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Obvious
Notes: Depends on the power of the caster; most walls last for only a few minutes before disappearing

Name: Telum
English Translation: dart, arrow
Description: Conjures an iron dart
Classification: Light
Symptoms: Creates a stab wound similar to one caused by knife
Notes: A simple version of the Silver Dart spell, one not specifically designed for werewolves

Name: Terramotus
English Translation: earth motion
Description: Causes a small tremor in the ground around the battle field
Classification: Light
Symptoms: N/A
Notes: Occurs only for an area less than 500 yards

Name: Vehemen Aer
English Translation: Violent weather
Description: Creates a storm system in the surrounding area of the caster
Classification: Light/Grey
Symptoms: Can cause from violent storm clouds to heavy rains, lightning, tornadoes, water spouts, etc
Notes: Due to the widespread area, the caster must be a powerful wizard to affect the local weather systems; may lose control of the weather systems as they are unpredictable

Name: Veresomnum
English Translation: to fear dreams
Description: a slow psychological attack that causes the victim to believe that whatever is happening in their dreams is really happening; eventually, the victim kills themselves
Classification: Dark
Symptoms: During sleep, victims like they are having nightmares. Because symptoms resemble those having a mental breakdown, very few are correctly diagnosed. Detection is through sampling of the cerebral spinal fluid
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List of Original Spells
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