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 List of Latin Terms: D-F

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PostSubject: List of Latin Terms: D-F   Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:04 am


Daci : Dacians.
dacigena : Dacian-born.
damnatio : condemnation.
damnatio : condemnation.
damno : to condemn, damn.
damno : to condemn.
damnum : loss, damage.
damnum : loss, damage, injury /a fine:
dapes : fortune, wealth.
dapifer : senescal.
daps : banquet.
do pacem : to grant peace.
de : (prep. + abl.) down from, from, concerning, about.
dealbo : to purify, whitewash.
debello : cnquer, vanquish /end a war.
debello : to vanquish, finish a war, fight out.
debeo : to owe, to be morally bound to, to be bound by.
debilito : to weaken, ennervate, sap, exhaust.
debitum : debt.
debrio : to intoxicate.
decens, decenter : properly, fittingly, suitably.
decens : becoming, graceful.
decenter : becomingly, properly.
decentia : propriety, decency of behavior.
decerno : to decide, determine, settle / to decide to do something.
decerno : to judge, resolve on.
decerpo : to pluck off / to gather, take away.
decertatio : a contest, contention.
decerto : to contend, fight to the finish.
decessio : a retreat, withdrawal / departure, leavin.
decessio : decrease, diminution.
decessor : someone who retires / a predecessor.
decessus : retirement / withdrawal / departure / death.
decet : it is seemly, comely, suitable, proper.
decet : fitting.
decido : (-cisi -cisum) to cut down, cut off / arrange, settle.
decido : to fall down / fall dead, die / sink, fall.
decimus : tenth.
decipio : to ensnare, deceive.
deceptio deception.
decipio : (deceptus) ensnare, trap, beguile, deceive, cheat.
declamatio : loud or violent speech / declamatio.
declamatio : practice in oratory.
declamo : to declaim, orate / speak loudly.
declaratio : a clarification.
declaro : to prove.
declaro : to explain, explain, reveal.
declaro : to proclaim (a person as chosen).
declinatio : a turning aside / declining.
declinatio : avoiding / inflection, declension.
declino : to turn aside, deflect, turn away.
declino : avoid / deviate, swerve/ digress.
declino : to turn away.
declive : (-is) a slope, decline.
decoctor : a spendthrift, bankrupt, a fool parted from his money.
decollo : (-are) to behead.
decolo : (-are) to trickle away.
decolor : (adj.) pale, without color.
decoloratio : discoloration.
decoquo : (-ere, -coxi, -coctum) to waste / become bankrupt.
decoquo : to boil down, boil away /(metals) melt away.
decor : beauty, grace.
decoro : to grace.
decoro : beautify, embellish, adorn.
decorus : beautiful, graceful, charming, proper, fit, becoming.
decorus : decorated, elegant.
decrepitus : infirm, decrepit.
decresco : to decrease, grow smaller.
decresco : to wane.
decretum : decree, judgment, edict, order.
decretum : ordinance, principle.
decumbo : to fall, fall into, lie down.
decurro : to sail downstream.
decurro : to sing.
decurro : to run down / manoeuver / run in a race / take refuge.
decursio : (milit.) a charge, manoeuver.
decursus : a running down /charge, manoeuver, attack.
completion of a course.
decursus : downward course.
decurto : to mutilate.
decus : honor, dignity, ornament.
dedecor : unseemly, shameful, disgraceful, dishonorable.
dedecus : shame, dishonor, disgrace, crime, dishonorable act.
dedecus : disgrace, blemish + gen.
dedico : to dedicate.
dedignor : to scorn.
dedo : to surrender, consign.
deduco : to lad out colonists, found a colony.
deduco : to escort, bring away.
defaeco : to cleanse, purify, purge.
defendo : to support.
defendo : to defend, ward off, protect, shelter.
defensabiliter : defensibly.
defenso : to defend diligently.
defensor : supporter, defender.
defero : to carry, to bear, to bring.
defero : to hand over, carry down, communicate, offer, refer.
defessus : weary, tired.
defetiscor (defessus) : to grow tired, weary.,.
deficio : weaken, to be in want.
deficio : (defectum) to fail, to weaken, to be in want.
deficio : to to be wanting, to run out, fail, withdraw.
defigo : fasten down, secure, fix firmly/ concentrate, fix upon.
defigo : to fasten.
definxu obtutu : to one's gaze fixed and frozen.
defleo : to bewail, weep for.
defleo : to bewail.
defluo : to flow down, waste, disappear.
defluo : to flow away, disappear, be lost.
defuncta : deceased.
defungo : to discharge one's duties, quit, retire, die, finish.
defungor : to pass away.
degenero : to cause to degenerate, disgrace by degeneracy.
degenero : to be unlike one's kind, fall off, degenerate.
degero : to pass time, live.
degusto : to taste.
deinde : next, then, thereafter, from that place.
deinde : adv, afterwards.
delectabilis : delightful.
delectatio : delight, pleasure, enjoyment.
delectatio : delight.
delecto : to attract, delight/ (pass + abl) take delight in.
delecto : to delight in/ to love.
delego : to transfer, commit, assign, impute, attribute, ascribe.
deleo : blot out, erase /annihilate, destroy.
deleo : (deletum ) to destroy, wipe out, erase.
deleo : to obliterate, efface.
delibero : to consider, deliberate.
delibero : to determine, to be determined, resolve.
delibuo : to anoint.
delicate : luxuriously, delicately, slowly.
deliciae : allurements, charms, delights, fancies / sweetheart.
delictum : transgression.
delinquentes : transgressors.
delinquo : to fail, be wanting/ fail in duty, commit a crime.
delitesco : to hide away.
delubrum : shrine.
deludo : to mock, cheat.
deluo : to cleanse.
demens : (dementis ) insane, mad, out of one's mind, foolish.
demergo : to sink, plunge into, dip under, go into debt.
demergo : to plunge.
demitto : set dowwn, let fall (to offer payment to the church).
demitto : to let down, lower.
demo : to take away, subtract.
demo : to remove.
demonstro : to indicate, show, describe, explain.
demonstro : to prove.
demoror : to loiter, linger, tarry, belay.
demulceo : to stroke down, caress by stroking.
demulceo : to soften.
demum : at length at las, finally.
denego : to refuse, deny, reject.
denique : at last, finally, again, in short.
denominata : designated, designate specifically.
dens : (dentis ) tooth.
densitas : thickness.
denso : to grow thick.
denuncio : declare, give notice, announce.
denuntio : to announce officially, pronounce, declare.
denuntio : announce.
denuo : anew, again, a second time, afresh.
deorsum : downwards.
depascor : to feed upon.
depereo : to perish, be utterly ruined.
depono : to put down, lay aside.
depono : to set down, bring down.
depopulatio : pillaging, looting, sacking, plundering, robbing.
depopulo : depopulor : to lay waste, ravage, devastate.
depopulo : to pillage.
depopulor : to pillage.
deporto : to carry off, to take away.
deporto : to carry [off], fetch.
deposco depoposci : to demand.
deposco : to earnestly request.
depraedor depredor : to plunder, lay waste, pillage, ravage.
deprecativus : deprecative.
deprecatio : prayer.
deprecator : intercessor, one who pleads on behalf.
deprecor : to beg by entreaty, to excuse oneself / curse.
deprecor : to entreat for, beg for /intercede /curse.
deprecor : to deprecate, intercede?.
deprehendo : to understand, overtake.
deprehensio : detection.
deprimo (depressus) : to press down, depress, low-lying.
depromo : to take down, produce, fetch out.
depulso : push aside, thrust away.
deputari : to be classed among, be condemned to.
deputo : to count, estimate/prune, cut off.
derelinquo : to forsake, desert, abandon.
derideo : to laugh at, mock, deride.
derigesco : to become stiff.
derigo : [-rexi, -rectum] to set straight, put in order.
deripio : to tear down, snatch away.
deruptus : broken off.
desaevio : to rave furiously.
describo : to describe, register, assign.
desero : to leave, abandon, foresake.
desero : to abandon, foresake.
desideratus : welcome.
desiderium : wish, longing /regret, grief /want, need.
desidero : to long for, wish for greatly, to miss.
desidiosus : lazy, unmotivated.
designo : to define, describe, designate.
designo : designate, define, describe, mark out.
designo : to represent.
desino : leave off, give over, cease, stop, end, desist.
desino (desiit) : to leave off, give over, cease, stop, desist.
desino : to to stop, leave off.
desipio : to act foolishly, play the fool, make an ass of one's self.
desisto : to desist from.
desolo : to leave desolate, abandoned, to forsake.
desolo : to desert, foresake, leave.
desparatus : given up on / desparate.
despectivus : despicable.
despecto : overlook, dispise, look down upon.
desperata : irremediable.
despero : to have no hope, despair, give up.
despero : to be without hope, despair / despair of, give up.
despero : to despair.
despiciens : contemptuous.
despicio : to look down, regard from above, despise.
despicio : to disdain.
desposco : to demand.
destinatus : resolute, firm, determined, with one's mind made up.
destino : to fasten down, make fast, fix /determine settle /appoint.
destituo : to place /leave in the lurch, abandon,.
destituo : to abandon, defraud.
destitutus : destitue of.
destruo : to tear down .
desudo : to exert oneself.
desuesco : to to be unaccustomed.
desum : defui : deesse : to fail, err, fall short, be missing, absent.
desumo : to select, elect, choose, take out.
desuper : from above.
detego : detectum : to uncover, lay bare, disclose.
detego : to expose.
determino : to fix the limits of, set boundaries to, delimit.
determino : to settle, prescribe.
detestabilis : execrable.
detestor : to denounce.
detineo : hold off, hold back, detain.
detineo : to keep back, detain, hang onto.
detraho : to drag off.
detrimentum : damage, loss, detriment.
detrimentum : defeat, damage.
detrudo : to thrust down.
deus : god.
devasto : to lay waste, ravage.
devenio : to come to, arrive at, reach.
devia : out-of-the-way roads.
devia : lonely, unfrequented places.
devinco : to subdue.
devio : to turn from the straight road.
devito : to avoid.
devius : inconstan.
devoco : to call away, call down, call aside.
devoro : to devour.
devotio : (Christian) piety, devotion, zeal.
devotio : piety.
devoveo : to consecrate, sacrifice, devote /curse, execrate.
dexter : right, on the right.
dextera : the right hand.
diabolus : devil, Satan.
diadema : diadem, abbot's mitre .
diapason : whole octave.
diapente : fifth.
diaria : daily allowance of pay, food.
diatesseron : fourth.
dico : (dictum ) to say, tell, speak, name, call, pronounce.
dico : to say.
dico mandatum legationis : to relay a message.
dictata : things dictated, lessons, presents.
dictator : dictator.
dictito : to say often, reiterate.
dicto : to say often, dictate, get written down.
dictum : word, dictate.
dictus dictus : a saying, a speech.
didicerat : (?) Herimann, p. 281.
didico : to be told (Herimann cap. 39, 44).
dido dididi didtum : to separate, divide, distribute.
dies diei : day.
diffama :tus : spread around, made known.
diffamo : to proclaim.
differo : to delay, postpone / to differ, be different.
differo : to spread about, spread news / harrass, disturb.
differo : to spread news / delay, defer, postpone.
differo : to hesitate.
differtus : stuffed full, crammed, jammed.
difficilis : difficult, hard, troublesome.
difficultas : difficulty, need, trouble, distress.
diffidens : without self-confidence, distrusting.
diffidentia: disobedience.
diffido : to be distrustful, distrust, despair.
diffinio : to terminate.
diffundo : to spread, pour forth, scatter.
diffusus : outspread.
digero : to relate in order, dispose.
digestor : arranger, composer, one who makes a pattern.
digladio : to run through with swords.
dignanater : courteously.
dignitas : merit, worth, prestige, dignity.
dignitas : rank, dignity.
dignor : to deign.
dignosco dignosco : to distinguish, recognize as different.
dignus : (+ abl.) worthy, worthy of, meritorious.
dignus : worthy.
dignus : worthy.
digredior digredi digressus : to depart, deviate, digress.
digressio : separation, departure, digression.
digressus : separation, departure, digression.
dilabor, to break up, scatter, dissolve, slip away, fall apart.
dilabor : to perish.
dilanio : to tear to pieces.
dilato : to spread out, extend, expand, increase.
dilectio : love, solicitude, esteem.
dilgenter : attentively, earnestly, carefully, diligently.
diligens : diligent, careful.
diligenter : diligently.
diligentia : diligence, industry, perseverance, persistence.
diligo : to choose out, esteem highly, prize, love.
diligo : to value highly.
dilitatio : dilatatio : enlarging.
diluculo : dawn, daybreak.
diluo : (of troubles) to remove, resolve.
dimico : to contend, struggle.
dimidium : half.
dimidium : half.
dimitto : to break up, dismiss, leave, abandon, leave behind.
dimitto : to leave, forgive, send away, abandon.
directus : plain, simple, direct, open, straightforward.
diremptio : separation.
dirigo : to arrange, "send out" a letter or ambassador.
diripio : to tear in pieces, lay waste, devastate, plunder.
diripio : to separate, tear apart /pillage, devastate, lay waste.
diripio : to plunder, tear to pieces.
diripio : to snatch away.
diriter : abominably.
dirumpo : to break to pieces.
dirunitas : long duration.
diruo : to destroy, to demolish, ruin.
dirus : abominable.
dis : rich, possessing wealth or worth.
discedo : (discessum ) to depart from, deviate, leave, to break up, pass away, to go away.
discerpo : to dismember, disjoint, sever /divide, break up.
discerpo : to mangle.
discessio : f, management, ordering, direction.
discidium : separation, division, disagreement, tearing apart.
disciplina : teaching.
discipulus : disciple, student, learner, pupil.
disco : to learn, become acquainted with.
discordia : disagreement.
discrepo : to differ, to be diifferent, vary, disagree.
discretio : distinction.
discrimen : difference, hazard.
discrimino : to separate .
discurro : to run to and fro.
discutio : to dissipate.
disicio : to lay in ruins.
dispensatio : distribution, stewardship.
pensator : distributor.
disperdo : to destroy.
dispergo : to scatter.
dispertio : to divide.
dispono : to arrange, put in order, draw up (troops).
dispono : to describe, dispose.
disputatio : debate, dispute, discussion.
disputo : discuss.
disrumpo : to smash.
dissemino : to spread abroad.
dissero : to examine, treat of, discuss.
dissero : to discuss, speak, declare, utter.
dissimilis : unlike, different, disparate, dissimilar, distinct.
dissimulo : to ignore, leave unnoticed.
dissimulo : to conceal, disguise, keep secret.
dissimulo : to disguise.
dissipo : to demolish.
dissolutus : lax, weak, wanting in energy, dissolute, profligate.
distinctus : separate, apart, different.
distinctus : a distinguishing, distinction, difference.
distinguo : separate, divide, part/ distinguish, discriminate.
distinguo : decorate, adorn, embellish/ punctuate.
distinguo : to divide.
distraho : distraxi : distractum : to pull apart, pull in pieces.
distraho : (persons) estrange, distract /(property) sell up, alienate.
distraho : (associations) to break up, dissolve.
distribuo : to distribute, divide.
distribuo : to apportion.
districtus (f. distringo) : strict, severe /hesitating /busy.
distulo ; (past) to delay [MGHss 25 : 268].
ditata : endowed, endow.
ditio : authority.
dito : to enrich, endow, make wealthy.
dito : to enrich, make wealthy.
ditus : rich.
diu : by day, for a long time, a long time ago.
diu : adv. a long while, long time, for a long time.
diurnitas : long duration.
diutinus : lasting a long time, enduring, long-lived.
diutius : longer, too long (a period of time).
diuturnus : lasting a long time, of long duration.
divello : to tear apart, away, untie.
diverbero : to cudgel soundly.
diversus : different, unlike, opposed, hostile.
diverticulum : by-way.
diverto : to turn aside.
dives : rich, opulent, wealthy.
divido : to divide, scatter.
divinatio : prediction, divination.
divinitus : divine influence, admirably, nobly, by inspiration.
divinitus : by divine communication, by divine influence .
divinus : divine, sacred.
divitiae divitie : riches, wealth.
divortium : division.
divulgamen : fame.
divulgatio : publishing, spreading abroad.
divum : sky.
do : to give, offer, convey, offer, donate, furnish.
doceo docui doctum : to instruct, teach, tutor.
doctiloquus : speaking learnedly.
doctor : teacher.
doctrina : doctrine, teaching, instruction, learning.
doctus : taught, instructed, learned, tutored.
dolens : painfully.
doleo : to suffer pain, to be pained, grieve.
dolor : pain, grief. misery, pain, suffering.
dolosa : deceitful.
dolose : slyly, deceitfuly.
dolositas : deceit.
dolosus : crafty, cunning, sly, deceitful.
dolus : fraud, deceit, guile, treachery, a trap.
dolus : [instrument of] deceit, trap, ambush.
domesticus : domestic, civil.
domigena : resident of a household, pl : household retinue.
domina domna: lady, mistress.
dominatio :dominium : lordship. dominion, domination.
dominatus : rule, mastery, tyranny, domination.
dominatus : mastery.
dominica : demesne.
dominor : to be mastered.
dominor : [+ gen] to be lord and master of, dominate.
dominus domno : master, lord.
dominus : lord, master.
domito : to tame, subdue, break in.
domus : house, home, residence.
domus : household, house, abode.
donarium : votive offering.
donativum : donation, offering.
donatus : given.
donec : up to the time when, until, as long as, while.
dono : to give.
donum : gift, present, donation.
donum : gift, votive offering.
dormio : to sleep, slumber, siesta, nap.
dormito : to be dreaming.
doxa : glory.
dubito : to doubt, hesitate.
dubium : doubt, hesitation, reservation.
ducamen : duchy, ducal dignity.
duco : to lead on the march, marry a wife, command.
duco : to calculate, count, reckon, esteem, considered.
duco : to draw, shape, construct/ (time) spend, delay.
duco : to charm, influence, mislead, draw in.
duco : to lead, draw, esteem, consider.
ductor : general, leader, commander, guide.
dudum : for a long while, a long while ago, some time ago.
dulcedo : sweetness, pleasantness, charm.
dulcidine : sweetly, pleasantly, charmingly.
dulcis : sweet, pleasant, agreeable.
dulcis : delightful.
dulcitudo dulcitudinis.
dum : while, as long as, until.
dummodo : (conj. + subj.) provided.
dumtaxat : at least, not less than / at most, not more than.
duo : two.
duplicitas : multiplication by two, ambiguity, duplicity.
duro: to harden, last, endure.
durus : hard, harsh, tough, strong,enduring, / rough, rude, uncouth.
dux ducis : leader, guide, commander, general, duke.
dux : duke

eatenus : so far, thus far, up to then.
ebullio : to boil up, bubble up, to appear, produce in abundance.
ecce : Lo! Behold! See!.
ecclesia : church.
econtra : the same as contra: against, opposite, etc.
ecquando : at any time? ever?.
edico : to announce, declare.
edictum : ordinance.
editio : the publishing of a book, an announcement.
editio : statement.
edo edi essum : to eat, consume, devour, waste.
edo : put forth, give out.
edoceo : to inform fully, instruct thoroughly.
edoceo : to instruct thoroughly.
edoctus : well versed, informed.
educo : to draw out, lead out, march out/bring up, rear/ issue.
educo : to foster, draw out.
educator : tutor.
edulis : edible.
eduro : to last endure, persist.
edurus : hard.
effector : effectrix : producer, someone who causes something.
effectus : doing, execution, performance, effect, result.
effectus : rendered.
effeminatus : womanish.
effercio : to cram, stuff, fill.
effero : extuli : elatum : to carry out, bury, lift up, exalt.
effero : to bring forth.
effertus : stuffed, jammed, crammed.
efferus : savage, wild, untamed, undomesticated.
efferus : fierce.
effervo : to boil up, swarm out (like bees).
efficaciter : effectively, efficiently.
efficax : effective, efficient.
efficax : efficacious.
efficens : efficient, effective.
efficenter : efficiently, effectively, powerfully.
efficio : to do, produce, effect, make/ bring about, cause /prove.
efficio : to bring to pass.
effigies : effigia : effigy, idol, likeness /ghost, appartition /ideal.
effingo : to form, fashion, make /duplicate, copy.
efflagito : to plead urgently.
effligo : efflixi : efflectum : to wipe out, obliterate, destroy.
efflo : to breathe out, blow out.
effloresco : to blossom, bloom, break out.
effluo : to vanish /be forgotten /pour out, leak, seep /become known.
effluvium : an outlet /seepage.
effodio : to dig out, excavate /to gut.
effor : to speak, express /state /declare.
effor : to speak out.
effreno : to let go without reins.
effrenus : wild, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled.
effringo : effregi : effractum : to break, break open.
effugio : effugi : effugiturus : flee from, escape, elude, run away.
effundo : to pour out, pour forth, shed, utter.
effundo : to pour out.
effusio : a pouring form, effusion.
effusio : exhilaration, upwelling of emotion.
effutio : to gab, chatter.
egelidus : thawed, lukewarm, tepid.
egens : to needy.
egenus : in want of, in need of, destitute.
egeo : to need, lack, want, be without.
egestas : to extreme poverty.
ego : I, self.
egredior : egressus : to go out, leave, depart, exit.
egredior : to come out.
egregius : illustrious, eminent, distinguished.
egressio : withdrawal, depart, withdraw.
eia : ho!.
eicio : eiectum : to throw out, eject, drive out.
ejulo : to wail.
elabor : to slip away, escape.
elatio : high wave, self-exaltation.
elatus : puff-up, proud of oneself, arrogant.
elatus : puffed up.
electrum : amber.
electus : chosen, select.
elegans : elegant, fine.
elementum : first principle, element, basic constituent.
elemosina : alms.
elemosinarius : almoner, person in charge of providing charity.
elido : to dash to pieces.
eligo : to pick out, select, choose.
eligo : to elect.
eloquens : eloquent, persuasive, fluent.
eloquentia : eloquence, readiness of speech, fluency, persuasiveness.
eloquor : to speak out, express oneself, declare, speak eloquently.
elucido : to light.
elucubro : to compose with great labor.
eluo : to wash out, rinse cleanse /squander, waste.
eluvies : a flowing over, flood, innundation.
eluvio : inundation.
emanio : to flow out, spread /arise, emanate, originate.
emendator : corrector, editor.
emendo : to amend, correct.
emendo : to free from faults, emend, edit.
emercor : to buy up.
emereor : to deserve.
emergo : emersi : emersum : to arise, come up, rise up, occur.
emerio : to obtain by service, earn completely, deserve well.
emico : to shine.
emineo : to stand out, project, be remarkable, conspicuous.
emineo : to be prominent, conspicuous .
eminor : to threaten, menace.
eminus : at a distance, from a distance.
emiolios : one and a half.
emiror : to wonder at exceedingly.
emitto suspiria : to to sigh.
emitto : to send out.
emo emi emptum : to buy, purchase.
emoveo : to move away, remove, take away.
emptio : a buying, a purchase.
emundo : to cleanse.
en : behold!.
enim : in fact, truly, indeed.
enim : for, in fact, truly (may often be omitted).
enimvero : indeed.
eniteo : to gleam.
enitor : to labour to bring forth, bear children.
ensis : sword.
enucleate : plainly.
enucleo : to make clear.
enumero : to count, count up, enumerate.
enutrio : to bring up.
eo ire itum : to go, advance, proceed, travel, move along, progress.
eo : to advance, march on, go, leave.
ephebus : youth.
episcopalis : episcopal.
episcopus : bishop.
epistola : letter, epistle, missive, message.
epistula : letter, epistle, missive, message.
epitaphium : funeral oration.
epithalamium : wedding song.
epitoma : abridgement, summary.
epitome : abridgement, summary.
epops : epopis : the hoopoe (a bird).
epos : epic poem.
epotus : drunk up, drained / swallowed up.
eptheca : an addition.
epulae : a banquet, feast / food / dishes, courses of a meal.
epulo : sumptuous food, banquet, feast.
epulor : to feast, banquet, dine.
epulor : to feast, feast on.
epulor : to dine.
epulum : a banquet, feast.
equa : a mare.
eques : equitis : horseman, cavalry man rider (classical).
eques : horseman.
equester : (-stris, stre) equestrian, relating to cavalry.
equidem : (adv) indeed, truly, for my part.
equinus : equine, relating to horses.
equipero : [+ dat.] to be the equal of.
equitatus : cavalry, horsemen (classical).
equito : (-are) to ride on horseback.
equito : to ride, ride through.
equus : horse, steed, mount.
era : mistress, lady.
eradico : to root out, destroy, obliterate, get rid of.
erado : erasi : erasum : (-ere) to scratch out, erase / destroy.
erectus : upright, standing / resolute.
erectus : proud / alert / anxious /cheerful.
erepo : to creep out, creep over, creep up.
ereptio : seizure, taking by force, confiscation.
ereptio : seizure.
ereptor : thief, robber.
erga : (+ acc.) toward, about.
ergastulum : a workhouse for slaves.
ergo : (gen. +) on account of, because of.
ergo : (adv.) accordingly, then, therefore.
ericius : (mil.) hedgehog, chevaux de frise.
erigo : to erect, raise, set up / arouse, encourage, incite.
erigo : to arouse, raise up.
erilis : relating to a master or mistress.
eripio : eripui : ereptum : to snatch away, take away / rescue, free.
eripio : to snatch.
erogatio : payment, expenditure.
erogo : to ask for / to pay out, expend, disburse.
erogo : to disburse.
errabundus : wandering.
erratio : a wandering, straying.
erratum : fault, error, mistake.
erratus : wandering, straying.
erro : to wander, stray, rove / be mistaken, err, go astray.
erro : to go astray, wander, err.
error : wandering, error, mistake, deception.
error : erroris : error, mistake, going astray.
error : uncertainty / deception.
erubesco : (+ inf.) to blush to, (+acc.) blush for, respect.
erubescundus : something to be ashamed of, worth blushing over.
eruca : a colewort (plant).
eructo : (-are) to vomit, throw up /to cast out, throw out.
eructo : eject / belch.
erudio : to polish, smooth / instruct, teach, educate.
erudio : to polish, instruct.
eruditio : instruction, teaching / knowledge, learning.
erumpo : to break out, burst forth / (milit.) attack.
erumpo : to break open, vent, discharge, erupt.
eruo : to dig up, pull out / raze, demolish.
eruo : to pluck, rescue.
eruptio : an eruption, bursting forth / sally, attack, assault.
erus : master, owner, lord.
ervum : a bitter weed, vetch.
esca : food / bait.
esca : food.
escendo : -scensi, scensum : to ascend, go up, climb, to go inland.
escensio : a movement inland / milit. marching inland.
esculentus : succulent, delicious, ripe.
esito : (-are) to continue eating.
esse : nature of being.
esse suae potestatis : to be one's own master.
essedarius : one who fight from a chariot.
esurio : to be hungry, to hunger / long for, desire, yearn.
esuritio : hunger.
et .. et : both .. and.
etenim : for indeed.
ethologus : a mimic.
etiam : as yet, still / even, also, besides.
etiam : (asking a question) : actually? really? in truth?.
etiam atque etiam : again and again.
etiam : (answering a question) yes, certainly.
etiam : (+ comparative) still [etiam maior = still greater.
etiam : and furthermore.
etiamnun : etiamnunc : yet, still, until now.
etiamsi : even if, although.
etiamtum : etiamtunc : even then / until then.
etsi : (acsi) even if, although, nothwithstanding.
eu : euge : eugepae: good! well done! good job!.
eunuchus : eunuch.
evacuo : empty.
evado : to go out, set out / get off / escape / result.
evado : to escape.
evagor : to wander out, stray off.
evalesco : to grow strong / become fashionable / prevail / be able.
evaneo : to vanish.
evanesco : (evanui) to vanish, disappear / pass away.
evangelium : the gospel.
evanidus : vanishing, disappearing / passing away.
evasto : (-are) to lay waste, devastate.
eveho : (-vexi, vectum) to carry out (+ relexive) sail away, ride away.
evello : to tear out, pluck out / turn out, result.
evello : (-ere, velli, vulsum) to happen, occur, come about, befall.
evenio : to come to pass, happen, befall.
eventus : eventum : consequence, issue, result, occurrence, experience.
eventus : outcome, success, fate, event, occurrence.
everbero : to strike violently, to hit hard.
everriculum : a fishing net, seine / a clean sweep.
everro : (-verri, -versus) to sweep out, plunder, pillage.
eversio : an overturning, destruction, ruin.
eversor : a destroyer.
everto : to destroy, ruin, demolish, raise, overthrow.
everto : to turn out, throw out, eject / dislodge, overturn.
evestigatus : found out, discovered. tracked down.
evidens : clear, distinct, plain, visible, evident.
evidenter : clearly, distinctly, plainly.
evigilo : to awaken /be alert, be watchful /[trans.] work hard at.
evincio : [vinxi, victum] to tie up, bind.
evinco: to conquer, subjugate, enthrall, defeat.
eviscero : to disembowel.
evito : to shuun, avoid; also, to kill.
evoco : to draw out, draw on, produce, recall to the colors.
evolo : to flee, escape, fly away, rush out.
evolutio : unrolling and reading of a scroll, reading of a book.
evolvo : to untangle, extricate, detach, disclose, explain.
evomo : to vomit forth.
evulgo : to publish.
ex : (= e ) (prep. + abl.) out of, from within, from / on account of.
exacuo : to sharpen.
exaequo exequo : to be like, equal/ make level or even, relate.
exaestuo : to give forth, foam.
exaggeratio : accumulation.
exaggeratus : accumulated, abundantly supplied.
exaggero : to enlarge, accumulate.
exagito : to stir up.
exalto : to raise high.
exanimus : lifeless.
exardesco : to to be inflamed.
exaresco : to become dry, arid.
exarmo : to disarm.
exaro : to plow up, dig up /write on a wax tablet.
exaro : to write down, till.
exaspero : to irritate.
exaudio : to listen to, hear plainly, hear favorably.
exaudio : to hearken to, grant.
excedo : (trans.) to exceed, leave, pass beyond.
excellens : superior.
excellentia : excellence, merit, worth.
excello : to elevate, surpass.
excelsa : elevations.
excessum : departure, death, digression.
excipo : to receive, intercept.
excipio : (excepi exceptum ) to take out, except /take, capture.
excito : call forth, bring about, wake, raise up.
excito : to awaken, occasion, stir.
exclamo : to shout, cry aloud, exclaim, call someone by name.
excludo : to shut out, exclude.
excolo : to honor (a deity), polish, adorn, refine, serve.
excolo : to tend, cultivate.
excorio : to shave /scalp, flay /oppress /peel.
excorio : to skin.
excrucio : to torment, torture, cause great pain.
excusatio : excuse.
excuso : to exempt from blame, excuse, make excuses, plead.
executio : to seize, recover.
executor : adminstrator, executive officer.
exemplar : model, pattern, original, prototype, book to copy.
exemplum : pattern, model, example .
exempoator : m, model, example.
exeo : to withdraw, go forth.
exerceo : to train, cultivate, keep at work, exercise, practice.
exerceo : to administer.
exercitatio : adminstration, [+ in] prosecute.
exercitatio : work at, busy oneself in.
exercito : to practise diligently.
exercitus : army.
exertus : tested, tried, approved, experienced.
exesto : extra esto.
exhaurio : to exhaust, make out.
exhaustus : drained.
exheredo : to disinherit.
exheres : disinherited.
exhibeo exibeo : to produce, show, display, offer, allow, cause.
exhibeo : to sustain, deliver.
exhibitio : producing.
exhilaro : to make cheerful.
exhilaro : to delight.
exhorresco : to be horrified, to shake, shudder /dread, tremble at.
exhorto : to encourage.
exigo : drive out, force out, exact, demand, sell.
exigo : complete, finish, determine, decide, settle.
exigo : to exact.
exilis : thin, slender, meager.
eximietate : uncommonness, excellence.
eximius : extraordinary, excellent, fine, superb.
eximius : uncommon, extraordinary, exceptional.
eximo : to free, release, take out, remove, waste.
exinde : thence, next/ thereupon, after that, then/accordingly.
exinde : thence, furthermore.
existo : to become.
exitiabilis exitialis exitosus : fatal deadly, destructive, lethal.
exitialiter : perniciously.
exitium : destruction, ruin.
exitium : ruin.
exitus : going out, going forth, exit, end, finish.
exitus : withdrawing, outlet.
exorbatus : stripped.
exordior : to begin.
exordium : the beginning (especially of a speech).
exordium : commencement.
exorior : to rise, spring up, issue, appear, come forward.
exorior : to appear, come forth.
exorno : to furnish, provide, supply.
exorno : to equip, adorn.
exoro : to prevail upon a person, entreat successfully.
exoro : prevail upon, beg.
exorsus : begun.
exortus : appearance.
exosus : loathing, fiercely hating, despising.
exosus : hated exceedingly.
expalpo : to lure out, coax out.
expando : to spread out.
expedio : to release, set free, clear /explain, clarify, set straight.
expedio : to free from a snare, disentangle /ready, settled, arranged.
expedite : freely, easily.
expedite : promptly.
expeditio : enterprise.
expeditione : military operation, military force, expedition.
expeditus : unimpeded, unchecked /(mil.) light-armed.
expello (expuli expulsum ) : to drive out, expel, force out, banish, to eject.
expendo : to consider.
expergefacio : to awaken.
expergescor : to bestir.
experior (experiri, expertus ) : to try, experience, prove, to test, put to the test, ascertain.
expers : wanting, destitute of, not sharing in
expertus : experienced, ascertained, knowing, proven .
expetens : desirous, eager.
expeto : to fall upon.
expeto : to demand, require / desire, strive after, make for.
expeto : to seek after, make for.
expilatio : plundering, taking booty.
expio : to purify.
expiscor : to fish out, find out, discover.
explano : to make clear.
expleo explevi expletum : to fill, fill up, complete, finish.
expleo : to make losses good/ fulfil, discharge (duties).
expleo : to fulfill, finish.
expletio : satifying.
expletio : to bring to completion, finish, end.
expletus : (part.) perfect, complete.
explicatus: explanation, exposition.
explico : to unfold, unroll, disentangle / explain, expound.
explico : to uncoil, undo.
explorator : scout.
expono (exposui expositum ) : to set forth, explain, expose.
expono : to expound, display.
exporrigo : to spread out.
exposco : to entreat.
expositus : open, accessible, exposed.
expostulo : to demand earnestly / to make a claim.
exprimo : to represent.
expugno : to capture, overcome, subdue, take by storm, gain.
expugno : to take by assault.
expurgo : to purge.
exquisitus : sought after, exquisite,excellent, fine, delicate.
exsecrabile : detestable.
exsecror : to detest, curse.
exsequiae : relics.
exsequor : to maintain, keep up, carry out, fulfill, accomplish.
exsequor : to execute, avenge, punish /relate, describe, explain.
exsequor exequor : to follow to the grave, follow to the end.
exsequor : to describe, carry out.
exsertus exertus : project, thrust forward.
exsilio : to spring forth, bound forth.
exsilium : exile, banishment.
exsisto : to emerge, appear, exist, be.
exsisto existo : to stand forth, arise, appear.
exsisto : to emerge, be/ happen, take place.
exsors : deprived of.
exspectata : welcome.
exspecto : to look for, expect, await, wait for.
exspecto : to await.
exstasis : amazement.
exstinguo, exstingui, exstinctum : to extinguish, put out.
exsto : to stand out, be extant, appear, project, show itself.
exsul : exile.
exsulo : to live in exile.
exsulto : to revel, rejoice exceedingly, exult.
exsupero : to excell.
extemplo : to at once.
extendo : to stretch out.
exter, externus : foreign.
exterminata : banished.
extermino : exussum, burn down, burn, set on fire.
externus : outer, foreign, outside, external.
exterritus : terrified.
extimus : outermost.
extollo : to praise exaggerate /decorate, adorn.
extollo : to lift up, raise up, erect /elevate, exalt.
extollo : to exalt.
extorqueo : to twist, wrench, dislocate /extort by force.
extra : (prep. + acc.) beyond, outside.
extraho : prolong, protract/ bring forward.
extraho extraxi extractum : drag out, extract, remove/.
extraho : to draw forth.
extraneus : outside, exraneous/ foreign, strange.
extraneus : a foreigner, stranger.
extrarius : outward, external/ strange, unrelated, foreign.
extremitas : end, farthest part.
extremitas : end.
extremus : outermost, last, extreme.
extrico : disentangle, free, extricate, clear up, unravel.
extrinsecus : outwardly, externally, from the outside.
extrudo : to drive out.
extundo : drive away, repel violently, extort.
extundo : to form by beating with a hammer, invent, devise.
exturbo : to drive away, thrust out.
exuberans : superfluous.
exubero : to grow thickly, abound.
exubero : to abound in.
exulcero : to aggravate, exacerbate, irritate, make worse, embitter.
exulto : to exult, be joyful.
exululo : to howl loudly.
exundo : to overflow, abound,.
exuo : to lay aside, put away, store/strip, deprive.
exuo : to divest, strip off.
exuro, exussum : burn down, burn, set on fire.
exustio : burning up, conflagration.
exuviae : (anything taken off) dress, clothing.
exuviae : spoils, booty/ hides pelt.

faba : broad bean,.
faber : skilled, ingenious.
faber : craftsman, artisan.
fabre : skillfully, ingeniously.
fabrica : manufacture /craft, trade, art /trick, device.
fabrico : to construct.
fabrilis : workmanlike.
fabula : fable, story, tale, play.
fabula : fable.
facesso : to work zealously, do, accomplish.
facies : face, visage, countenance.
facies : aspect, appearance, look, condition.
facile : easily, without difficulty.
facile : easily.
facilis : easy, agreeable, affable, pleasant.
facillimus : easiest, most agreeable, pleasantest.
facina -oris : bad deed, crime, villainy/ deed, action.
facinarose : viciously, scandalously.
facinus : villainy.
facio : to give permission/ to experience, suffer (troubles).
facio : to sacrifice, suit, help, be of service.
facio : (trans.) to make, do, act, perform, cause, bring about.
facio + inf. : to bring to pass, to order, to have done.
facio servitium : to be in one's service.
facis : a bundle, packet.
facticius : artificial, man-made.
factum : deed, accomplishment, work, act, achievement.
factum : action.
facultas : power, means, opportunity, capacity, ability, stock.
facultas : feasibility, opportunity, resources.\, abundance.
facultas : ability, store, wealth.
facunda : eloquent.
facunde : eloquently, fluently.
facundia : fertile, productive, profitable.
facunditas : fertility, qickness or readiness of speech.
facundus : eloquent, fluent, ready of speech.
faeneror : to hunt, loan, join.
faenum : fenum : hay.
faex : impurities.
fallo : to deceive, dupe.
falsidicus : lying.
falsus : false, deceptive.
falx : scythe.
fama : talk, report, rumor, gossip, tradition.
fama : report, common talk, fame.
famen : word, utterance, articulation.
fames : famine, hunger.
familia : family, household.
familiaris : belonging to a household / friendly, intimate.
familiaritas : confidential friendship, intimacy.
famosus : much spoken of, renowned /notorious, infamous /libellous.
famulatus : servitude, slavery, service /an extablishment of slaves.
famulatus : obeisance, attention, obedience, allegiance, vassalage,.
famulo : to attend.
famulor : to be a servant, to serve, attend, obey.
famulus : serving, servile /a servant, slave.
fanaticus : enthusiastic, inspired, frenzied.
fanum : a temple or church with the land around it, a holy place.
far farris : spelt, grain, meal.
farci, farci, fartum : to fill up, stuff.
farcio : to stuff.
farina : meal or flour.
farrago : mixed fodder for cattle, mash /mishmash, medley, mixture.
farratus : provided with grain.
fartim : stuffing, filling.
fartor : one who fattens fowls.
fas est :: it is right, it is fitting, it is lawful.
fas : divine law or command/ fate, destiny/ lawful, allowed.
fascia : bandage, band, girdle, girth.
fascino : to bewitch, envy.
fascis : bundle, burden.
fastidio : to dislike, have an aversion to, loathe.
fastidiosus : squeamish, dainty, fastidious.
fastidium : aversion, loathing.
fastidium : disgust, dislike, sqeamishness.
fastidium : scorn, disdain, haughtiness.
fastigate : slantingly.
fastigatus : pointed down, sloping down.
fastosus : pride, haughtiness.
fastus : haughtiness.
fatalis : deadly, fated.
fateor : to confess, admit, allow, reveal, make known.
fatigatus : wearied.
fatigo : worry, fatigue, vex, harass, tease.
fatigo : to harass, torment.
fatua : foolish.
fatuo : to render vain, cause to fail.
fatum : fate, destiny, doom, lot, weird.
fautor : favorer, promoter, patron, partisan, supporter.
fautor : promoter.
faveo : (+ dat.) be favorable to, aid, support, help.
faveo : (+ inf.) To be inclined to do.
faveo : to favor, befriend, delight in approval.
favillesco : to reduce to ashes.
feculentia : dregs, lees, impurities, filth.
feculentia : dregs, lees, impurities, filth.
fecunda : plentifully furnished, fertile.
fecundo : fertilize, make fruitful.
fefello : to be failed by, disappointed by something.
felicitas : happiness.
feliciter : happily.
felix felicis : lucky, fortunate, happy.
felix : happy, fortunate.
femina : woman.
fenestra : window.
fera : wild animal.
fere : almost, near;y, not quite, generally.
fere : well-nigh.
feretrum : bier, litter.
feretrum : bier.
ferinus : brutal.
feritas : wildness, savageness.
feriter : fiercely.
ferito : to fight, strike, deal blows, lash out.
ferme, fere : almost, about.
fero tuli latum : to carry, bring, tell, relate, and much else.
ferocia : high spirit, courage /arrogance, ferocity.
ferocitas : courage, untamed spirit /arogance.
ferocitas : savageness.
ferociter : with spirit, courageously /arrogantly, forciously.
ferox : spirited, courageous, warlike /wild, arrogant, unbridled.
ferox : headstrong.
ferramenta : tools made of iron, or shod with iron.
ferramentum : iron implement.
ferrarius : of iron /a blacksmith /iron mines.
ferrati : cuirassiers.
ferratilis : in chains (slaves and prisoners).
ferratus : a soldier in armor /in chains /furnished with iron.
ferratus : iron-clad.
ferreus : made of iron /hard, unfeeliing, cruel, unbending.
ferrugineus : rust colored, dusky.
ferrugo : the color of rust.
ferrum : iron, sword.
ferrum : sword, arms, iron, horseshoe.
fertilis : fruitful, fertile, productive.
fertilitas : fertility, fruitfulness.
fertilitas : abundance.
ferula : the herb fennel /a rad to beat children with.
ferus : fierce, wild, savage, untamed.
ferus : fierce.
fervefacio : to heat, boil, melt.
fervens : glowing, hot, heated /(character) heated, fiery.
ferventer : hotly, warmly.
ferveo : to be boiling hot, boil, seethe, glow.
ferveo : be excited by passion, rage.
ferveo : to boil, foam, glow.
fervesco : to become hot, begin to glow or boil.
fervidus : boiling, seething, foaming /fiery, passionate, excited.
fervidus : fiery.
fessus : wearied.
festinanter : hastily.
festinatio : speed, haste.
festino : to hasten, hurry, speed.
festino : to make haste.
festinus : hastening, hasty.
festivus : festive.
feteo : to have a bad odor, stink.
fictus : feigned.
ficus : fig tree.
fidelis : untranslated.
fidelis : faithful, loyal, true.
fidelitas : fidelity, loyalty, homage.
fidens : confident, without fear, courageous.
fides : lyre, string.
fides : promise, assurance, word of honor, engagement.
fides : promise, trust, faith, belief, truth.
fides : trustworthiness, protection.
fides : trust, confidence, reliance, belief, faith.
fiducia : confidence, trust, assurance.
fiducia : trustworthiness, confidence, reliance.
fiducialiter : confidently.
fidus : trusty.
fiendo : f.p.p, same as faciendo, the making, it will be made.
filia : daughter.
filiolus : godson.
filius : son.
fimus : dung, dirt, filth, manure.
fines : territory, limits, borders.
fines finium : boundaries, limits, /territory.
fingo : finxi : fictum : to touch, conceive, contrive.
finio : to cease.
finis : end, limit, boundary, purpose.
finitimus : adjoining.
finitimus finitumus : neighboring, adjacent, related to, similar.
fio, fieri, factus : be made, be done, become.
firmamentum : strengthening, prop, the main point, support.
firmiter : enduringly.
firmitudo : durability.
firmo : to make lasting, secure, affirm.
firmo : to assert, maintain/ strengthen, make firm / encourage.
firmus : firm, strong, reliable, solid.
firmus : steadfast, constant, durable.
flagello : whip, scourge.
flagitiosa : infamous.
flagitium : disgraceful act.
flagro : to blaze.
flamen : breeze, holy spirit, wind .
flamma : flame, fire.
flandrensis : Fleming, of or from Flanders.
flatus : blowing, blast, breathing, arrogance, haughtiness.
flax, falcis : sickle, bill-hook, pruning hook.
flebilis : lamentable, doleful.
flecto : to overcome, bend.
fleo : to weep, cry, shed tears, sob.
flere : to cry, shed tears.
fletus : weeping, tears.
flexilis : pliant.
floccipendo : account of slight value, take lightly.
floreo : to [+ abl.] be distinguished for.
floresco : to begin to blossom.
flos : crown, move to and fro, wander.
fluctivagus : "wave-driven".
fluctus : flood, billow.
fluctus : billow, wave.
fluidus : moist.
flumen : river.
fluo : to flow, pour, stream.
fodio : to prick, sting, jab.
foede : fouly, in a filty manner.
foedero : to ally, make a treaty, make a pact, federate.
foedis-e : foul, fithly.
foedo : to pollute.
foedus : alliance, agreement.
foedus : foederis : compact, covenant, agreement / law.
foeteo : to smell bad.
foetidus : smelly, stinking.
foetor : a bad smell, a stink.
foetus : young, progeny.
foliatus : leafy.
folium : leaf.
folliculus : small bag, small purse, little sack.
follis: a leather bag, purse, bellows, puffed-out cheeks.
fomentum : poultice / alleviation.
fomentum : nourishment.
fomes : stimulus, incentive, motive.
fomes : fomitis : tinder.
fomeus : smoky, smoke-filled.
fons : fontis : fountain, spring / fresh water / source, origin.
fonticulus : small spring, little fountain.
for : say, sing in verse, speak.
for : fari : fatus : (deponent) say, speak, talk about.
forabilis : penetrable.
foramen : foraminis : hole, opening, aperture.
foras : outside, without, out of doors / + dare = to publish.
forca : pitfall, snare, trap.
forceps : pincers, tongs.
forda : a cow with calf.
fore, forem : future infinitive of sum.
forensis : public.
forensis : relating to the forum / relating to legal business.
forensis, e : legal.
forfex : scissors, shears.
foris : a door, opening, entrance.
foris : out of doors, outside, abroad / from abroad, from outside.
forix : fornicis : arch, vault / arcade / an arched sallyport.
forma : appearance, model.
forma: forma, shape, beauty.
formalis : having a set or standard form, / formal.
formamentum : conformation.
formator : a former, fashioner, maker.
formatura : forming, fashioning, shaping.
formica : ant.
formidilose : dreadfully, teribly.
formidilosus : causing dread, fear, terror.
formido : formidonis : dread, terror / dreadfulness / scarecrow.
formido : fear, dread.
formido : to be terrified, frightened, afraid.
formidolosus : fearful.
formo : to fashion.
formo : to shape, form, fashion.
formose : beautifully.
formositas : beauty.
formosus : beautiful, well-shaped.
formosus : finely formed.
formula : physical beauty / formula / rule, principle.
fornacalis : relating to an oven.
fornacula : a small oven.
fornax : fornacis : oven, furnace, kiln.
fornicatus : arched, vaulted.
foro : to bore, pierce, make a hole, penetrate.
fors fortis : chance, luck, fortune.
fors-itis : chance, luck.
forsit forsan forsitan : perhaps, probably.
fortasse : perhaps.
forte : perchance.
forte : by chance, by luck, accidentally.
fortis : strong, brave, powerful, robust, steadfast, courageous.
fortis : valiant.
fortiter : strongly, bravely.
fortiter : valiantly.
fortitudo : physical strength, courage, moral bravery.
fortitudo : courage.
fortuito : (used as adverb) accidentally, by chance.
fortuitus : accidental, by chance, fortuitous.
fortuitus : accidentally, by luck, casual.
fortuna : condition.
fortuna : fortune, luck, fate, chance.
fortunate : fortunately, happily.
fortunatus : fortunate, lucky, happy.
fortunatus : fortunate, lucky /wealthy, rich.
fortuno : to make happy, to bless, to prosper.
foruli : book-case.
forum : market place, town square.
forus : gangway of a ship.
fossa : ditch, trench, channel, moat.
fossio : fossionis : an excavation.
fossor : a digger, ditcher, sapper / fool, boor, clown.
fossura : digging, delving, sapping, ditching.
fovea : a pit, trap for game, pitfall.
foveo : to cherish, encourage, enfold.
foveo : fovi : fotum : to foster, support, encourage.
foveo : fovi fotum : to cherish / to warm, keep warm, caress.
fraga : fragorum : strawberries.
fragilis : fragile, easily broken / fleeting, transitory.
fragilis : weak, feeble.
fragilitas : frailty.
fragilitas : frailness, weakness, fragility, frailty.
fragmen : fragminis : a breaking / fragments, remains, ruins.
fragor : crashing.
fragor : a crash, crack.
fragosus : roaring, crashing, rough /broken.
fragro : to smell, be odiferous, redolent.
Franci : Franks.
Francigeni : Frankish people.
Francisca : Frankish.
frango : to break down.
frango : fracta : to break in pieces, shatter.
frater : brother.
fraudatio : fraud, deceit, trickery.
fraudulentus : deceitful.
fraus : fraud.
frendo : to gnash one's teeth, bruise, crush, grind.
freno : curb, restrain, hold back, restrain.
frenum : reins, bridle, bit /restraint.
frequentatio : frequency, crowding.
frequenter : frequently.
frequentia : crowd, a large concourse, population, numerous assembly.
frequento : to crowd, visit, collect in large number,
fretus : + abl. relying upon, depending on, banking on.
frigidus : feeble.
frigus : cold, coolness, cold of winter /dullness, indolence.
frivolus : trifling.
frons : forehead, brow, front.
fructuarius : fruitful, fertile.
fructus fructus : fruit, profit, enjoyment, produce.
frugalitas : frugality, economy, pinching pennies.
frumentum : grain.
fruor : to have the benefit of, to enjoy, delight in, use.
frusto : to break to pieces.
frustra : in vain, mistakenly, wantonly, without reason.
frustra esse : to be deceived, to be mistaken.
frustro : to defraud, deprive.
frustro : frustror : to deceive, dupe, trick, disappoint.
frutex : shrub, bush.
frux : fruits of the earth, success.
frux, frugi : fruits of the earth.
fuga : flight, escape,.
fugio : to flee, escape, runa aaway /avoid, shun.
fugitivus : fugitive : deserter, runaway slave.
fugo : to put to flight, chase away, drive into exile, pursue.
fugo : to put to flight, chase.
fulcio : to support, strengthen, uphold/ to besiege, oppress.
fulcio : to strengthen.
fulgeo (fulsi ): to flash, shine, beam.
fulgidus : glittering.
fulgur : to flash.
fulgens : flashing, illustrious.
fultus : supporter.
fumidus : smoky, smoke-filled.
fumo : to smoke, steam, reek.
fundatio-onis : f, foundation.
fundator : m, founder.
funditus : totally.
funditus : utterly.
fundo : (milit.) to rout, scatter, defeat, put to flight.
fundo : to cast to the ground, pour forth.
fundo : to found, establish.
fundo : to pour, pour out (like molten metal), melt, cast.
fundus : estate.
funestus : causing calamity, deadly.
fungor : to [+ abl.] discharge, administer.
fungor, fungi, functus : to occupy oneself, perform, do, execute.
funiculus : a thin rope, cord, string.
funis -is : rope, cord, line.
funis : rope, cord, line.
furax : inclined to steal,.
furca : a fork, pitchfork /narrow pass.
furcifer : rascal.
furcillo : to act as a support.
furiae : madness.
furiosus : mad.
furibundus, raging, furious / inspired.
furibundus : inspired, raging, furious.
furo : to rage.
furor : madness, rage, frenzy.
furor : fury.
furs : thief.
furtificus : thievish.
furtim : by stealth.
furtim : by stealth, stealthily.
furtum : theft, robbery/ furta : stolen property /trick, deceit.
fusus : (from fundo) spread out, extended, wide, copious.
futurus : -a, -um, absurd.
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List of Latin Terms: D-F
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