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 List of Latin Terms: L-N

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PostSubject: List of Latin Terms: L-N   Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:40 pm


labasco : to give way, totter.
labecula : a slight stain, minor disgrace.
labefacio labefeci labefactum : to shake, loesen /impair.
labefacto : to weaken, disturb /shake violently.
labellum : a little lip /a small washing vessel.
labes labis : stain, blemish, disgrace, infamy /misfortune.
labia labium :lip (labiae : lips).
labilis : transient, fleeting, slippery.
labiosus : having large lips.
labo : to totter, sink, begin to fall.
labo : to totter.
labor lapsus : to slip, glide, slide.
labor laboris : labor, work, toil.
labor : hardip, fatigue, distress.
labor : hardship, exertion.
labor : to sink, slip away.
labores solis : eclipse of the sun.
laboriose : laboriously, with great effort.
laboriosus : toilsome, laborious /(persons) industrious, toiling.
laboro : (intrans.) to work, toil, suffer, be afflicted, be troubled.
labrum : lip, edge, rim /bathing tub.
labrusca : wild grape vine.
labruscum : the wild grape.
lac lactis : milk.
lacer : torn, mangled, cut to pieces.
lacer : mangled.
laceratio : a tearing, mangling.
laceratus : torn to pieces, mutilated.
lacero : to tear to pieces, mangle /squander money /slander someone.
lacerta : lizard.
lacertosus : muscular, powerful.
lacertus : the upper arm /strength.
lacesso : to harass, attack.
lacesso : lacesco : to challenge, shake.
lacrima Heliandum : amber.
lacrima : tears /exudations from some plants.
lacrimabilis : lamentable, deplorable, woeful.
lacrimo : to weep, shed tears /exude, drip.
lacrimosus : tearful, mournful, shedding tears,.
lactans : giving milk.
lactatio : enticement, come-on.
lacteus : milky, of milk, milk-white.
lacto : to allure, entice, wheedle.
lactuca : lettuce.
lacuna : missing letters, words, or phrases in a manuscript.
lacuna : a hole, empty space /pond, pool /deficiency, loss.
lacunar : panelled ceiling.
lacus : a hollow /lake, pool, pond, troough, tank, tub.
laedo ledo : strike, hit, hurt, damage, offend, annoy, violate.
laesio lesio : rhetorical attack /wounding.
laetabilis letabilis : joyous, glad.
laetans : rejoicing, joyous.
laetatio : letatio : rejoicing, joy.
laetifico : letifico : to fertilize /cheer, gladden, delight.
laetifico : to rejoice.
laetificus : letificus : gladdening, joyous, spreading happiness.
laetitia letitia leticia : fertility /richness, grace /joy, delight.
laetitia : joy, gladness, delight.
laeto leto : to cheer, gladden, make joyful.
laetor letor : to rejoice, be joyful.
laetor : to be delighted.
laetus : glad delighted.
laeve leve : left-handedly, awkwardly.
laevus levus : foolish, silly /unlucky, unpropitious.
laevus levus : the left hand, left side, left-handed.
laganum : a cake.
lama : bog, slough.
lambo : to lick /(of rivers) to wash.
lambo : to lap.
lamenta (neut. pl) : weeping, wailing.
lamentabilis : lamentable, mournful.
lamentatio : weeping, wailing, lamenting.
lamentor : to weep, wail, lament /(trans.) to bewail.
lamia : witch, vampire.
lamnia lammina lamna : sheet of metal, coin, knife blade, nutshell.
lampas : torch.
lancea : lances.
laneus : woolen.
laniatus : a tearing, ripping, mangling, mutilating.
lanio : to mangle.
lanx : scale.
lanx : dish, platter, plate.
lapsus : fall, fault, error, sliding, gradual movement.
laqueum : noose, halter, snare, trap.
laqueus : snare, trap, noose.
largiflue : bountifully.
largifluus : bountiful.
largior : to give bountifully, shower (with gifts).
largior : to lavish, bestow, grant, give abundantly.
largissimum : bounty.
largitas : bounty, liberality.
largitio : bounty.
largus : bountiful.
lascivio : to run riot, play, be wanton.
lasesco : to become tired, grow weary.
late : broadly, widely, extensively.
latebra : covert, hidden recess .
latenter : secretly, in a concealed manner.
later : brick.
latere : to lurk, lie hidden.
latet : to be unknown.
latex : liquid.
latibulum : lurking-hole.
latito : to lie hidden, be concealed.
latito : to keep out of the way, be concealed.
latitudo : breadth.
latrator : a barker (such as a dog).
latratus : barking.
latro : bandit.
latro : (-are) to bark, bay / rant /runble, roar.
latro : (-onis) hunter.
latro : (-onis) hired servant / mercenary soldier.
latro : robber, bandit, brigand.
latrocinium : mercenary service / highway robbery.
latrocinium : villainy / a gang of.
latrocinor : (dep) serve as a mercenary / to rob, steal.
latrocinor : to rob on the highway.
latrunculus : highwayman, robber, brigand, bandit / mercenary soldier.
latus : broad.
latus : broad, wide, extensive.
latus -eris : sides, flank / lungs /.
laudabilis : praiseworthy, laudable.
laudabiliter : (adv) in a laudable fashion.
laudatio : praise, commendation.
laudator : praiser.
laudo : to praise, extoll, commend /name, mention, cite, quote.
Laudunum : Laon.
laureatus : crowned with laurel, laureate.
laureola : a laurel branch, crown of laurel.
laureola : victory, triumph, success.
laurifer : carrying laurel, crowned with laurel.
laurifer : triumphant, victorious.
laurus : the laurel, bay tree / triumph, victory, success.
laus : praise, glory, fame.
lautitia : splendor, elegance.
lautumiae : lautomiae : (-arum) stone quarry.
lautus : washed, bathed, cleaned / fine, elegant, refined.
lauvabrum : a bath.
lavacrum : bath.
lavatio : washing, bathing.
lavo : to wash, bathe/ moisten, get wet / wash away.
lavo : to bathe.
laxamentum : a widening, expansion / rest, respite.
laxe : widely.
laxe : widely, loosely / unrestrained.
laxitas : wideness, expansiveness, roominess.
laxo : to relieve / release, set free, liberate / yield up.
laxo : sell formally, give up, loosen.
laxo : widen, extend, enlarge / undo, relax.
laxus : wide, spacious /later, postponed / lax, loose, relaxed.
lea : leana : lioness.
lebes : copper kettle, basin, cauldron.
lectica : litter, bier.
lectio : selection, picking out / reading, perusal.
lector : reader.
lectulus : a small bed, cot.
lectus : bed, couch.
legatarius : legatee.
legatio : embassy.
legatio : office of legate / office of ambassador, embassy commander.
legatus : ambassador, messenger.
legatus : deputy, ambassador, envoy / commander of a legion.
legens : (-entis) a reader.
legifer : lawgiving.
legio : a selection / chosen body / legion.
legio : legion.
legitiums : lawful, licit, right, proper, legitimate.
lego : to gather, choose, collect, pass through, read.
lego : appoint, select.
lego vela : to furl sails.
legumen : a bean, pea, legume.
lemiscus : a ribbon.
lemma : theme, title, epigram.
lemures : (pl. only) ghosts, phantoms.
lenimentus : alleviation, impreovement, mitigation.
lenio : to mitigate, relieve, make better.
lenis : smooth /gentle, kind, mild.
lenis : gentle.
lenitas : mildness.
lenitas lenitudo : smoothness, gentleness, mildness.
leniter : gently.
leno : procurer, go-between.
lenocinium : enticement, allurement.
lenocinor : to pander, flatter, make up to /to promote, advance.
lens : lentis : lentil.
lente : slowly, calmly, cooly, deliberately.
lentesco : to become soft, flexible, sticky /to weaken, slacken.
lentitudo : slowness, sluggishness / apathy.
lento : to bend.
lentulus : rather slow, a little slow.
lentus : lethargic, inactive /slow, lingering.
lentus : tough, resistant, tenacious /supple, pliant /.
leo : lion.
Leodie : Liege.
Leodium : Liege.
lepide : charminly, wittily, elegantly, pleasantly.
lepidus : charming, witty, pleasant, elegant.
lepor lepos : charm, wit, elegance.
lepor : to charm.
lepus : hare, rabbit.
Lesciense, monastery of : Liessies.
letalis : mortal, deadly, fatal.
letaliter : mortally, fatally.
letanie : litany.
lethargus : drowsiness, apathy, sleepiness, coma.
letifer : deadly, mortal.
letifer : death-dealing.
leto : to kill, slay.
letum : death, ruin, annihilation.
levamen : alleviation, mitigation, solace, refreshment.
levamentum : comfort, easing, alleviation, consolation.
levatio : alleviation, mitigation, solace.
leviculus : empty-headed, vain, silly.
levidensis : thin, slight, poor.
levis : [ gen] unreliable.
levis : light, slight, trivial /beardless, bald /light-armed.
levis : rapid, swift /unimpotant /fickle, inconstant /unstable.
levitas : lightness, levity /fickleness, inconstancy /groundlesness.
leviter : lightly, softly, slightly.
levo : to raise, lift up /relieve, ease /diminish, weaken, impair.
levo : to smooth, polish.
lex legis : law, statute /covenant, agreement.
lex : law.
libatio : libation.
libellus : little book.
libens : with good will.
libenter : willingly, with pleasure.
liber libri : book.
liber : child, offspring.
liber libera, liberum : free, independent, unrestricted.
liberalis : courteous, generous, gentlemanly.
liberaliter : courteously, generously, honorably.
liberatio : release, liberation, aquittal, setting free.
libere : freely, openly, frankly.
libero : to lift (an obstacle), raise.
libero : to set free, deliver, liberate, release /exempt.
libertas : freedom, liberty, independence / frankness, candor.
libet : to be pleasing, agreeable.
libido : whim, caprice, violent desire, passionate longing.
libra : scales.
libramen : poise, balance.
libro : to launch, ponder.
licens : unimpeded, free, unrestrained, unchecked.
licentia : license, leave, authorization /freedom, liberty /licentiousness.
licentio :to authorize, permit, dismiss.
liceo : to be valued at, be for sale.
liceor : to offer a price, to offer to buy, bid, proffer, tender.
licet : granted that, although / it is allowed, one may or can.
licet : imper v., it is right, just.
licet : (as conj.) granted that, although.
licito : to sell.
licitus : permitted, allowed.
ligamen : string, thread.
ligatio : imprisonment, bondage, captivity, servitude.
lignarius : carpenter.
lignator : wood-cutter.
ligo : to bind, tie.
lima : file, polishing, revision.
limbus : band, girdle.
limen : limina : threshold.
limes : border, frontier.
limito : bound.
limus : mud.
lingua : language, tongue, speech.
linio : to besmear.
lino : to smear, befoul, dirty.
linquo : to forsake.
linteum : linnen, napkin.
liquidus : fluid, flowing, liquid / clear, evident, certain.
liquidus : limpid, liquid.
liquor : fluid.
litigo : to [ contra] dispute.
litigatio : dispute.
litigiosus : contentious.
litigo : to quarrel, dispute.
litis : dispute, contention, fight, battle, fracas.
lito : to propitiate.
littera : letter (of the alphabet).
litterae : (pl.) letter, epistle, missive, note /literature.
livor : black and blue mark, malice, chastisement/punishment, bruises.
loci : (pl.) passages in literary works.
loco : to place, put, position.
loco : to assign, allot, grant, hire.
locuples : opulent.
locupletatus : enriched, endowed.
locupleto : to enrich, make wealthy.
locus : place, location, situation, spot. [monastery].
loginquitas : distance, remoteness, isolation.
longaminus : patient.
longe : far.
longe lateque : far and wide.
longinquus : remote, prolonged.
longitudo : length.
longus : long.
loquacitas : eloquence.
loquax : loquacis : talkative, loquacious, garrulous.
loquor : locutus : to say, speak, tell, declare.
lorica : hauberk [a coat of chain mail], a knight's service, leather cuirass.
loricatus : wearing armor, armored.
lorum : thong.
lubricus : oily, slippery, slick.
lucerna : lamp.
lucidus : -a-um, shining, bright, clear.
lucinaria : lamp.
lucror : to gain, profit, win.
lucrosus : profitable, gainful.
lucrum : gain, profit.
luctisonus : sad-sounding, mournful, baleful.
luctuosa : feeling sorrowful.
luctus : lamentation, mourning, grief.
luculenta : splendid.
lucus : thicket.
ludicer : playful, means arbitrary, capricious.
ludicrum : game.
ludio : ludius : actor, player.
ludo : lusi l: usum : to play, sport /imitate, banter /delude, deceive.
ludus : game, sport, school.
lues : plague, pestilence, calamity.
lugeo : to mourn, be in mourning, grieve/(tans,) to lament, bewail.
lugo : mourn.
lugubris : mournful.
lumen : light, lamp, lantern /light of day.
lumen : the eye /clearness /understanding.
luminare : luminaris : window shutter.
luminarium : light, lamp.
luminosus : bright.
luna : moon.
lunatus : crescent-shaped.
luo : to undergo.
lupus : wolf.
lustro : to survey, encircle.
Lutosensis : Leuze.
lutosus : miry.
lux lucis : light.
luxuria : luxury, extravagance, opulence.
luxus : debauchery, extravagance

macellarius : butcher, slaughter-house.
macer : thin, lean.
macero : to soften, weaken, reduce, torment.
macies : thiness, gauntness /poverty barrenness.
macilentus : lean, thin, skinny.
macresco : to become lean, skinny, thin.
mactabilis : deadly, lethal.
macto : to magnify, glorify, honor /slay, fight, punish, afflict.
macula : stain, mark, spot/ blemish, fault, flaw.
maculo : to stain, blemish, defile, pollute.
maculosus : spotted, speckled, poluted.
madesco : to get wet.
madide : drunkenly.
madidus : wet, moist, soaked, boiled, soft, drunk, dyed, steeped.
mador maero : to grieve, sorrow.
maeror meror : mourning, grief, sorrow.
magalia : little tents.
magis : more, to a greater extent, rather, for preference.
magister : master, canon / master of a school, professor.
magister : instructor, teacher, schoolmaster.
magnificabiliter : splendidly, greatly, terrifically.
magnificentia : magnificence, splendor, eminence, magnanimity.
magnifico : to extol.
magnificus : eminent, splendid, magnificent.
magnopere magnus opere : very, very much.
magnus maior maximus : large, great, important.
magus : magical.
maiestas : majesty, dignity, greatness.
maiores : (pl.) ancestors.
major domus : "Mayor of the Palace," chief steward.
majores natu : elders.
majores : elders.
mala : jaw.
Malbodiensis : Maubeuge.
male : peius : pessime : badly, ill, wrongly.
male : wickedly, with evil intent.
maledictio : curse, abuse.
maleficus : wicked, accursed, evil.
malefidus : faithless.
malens : preferring.
malevolens : malevolent, spiteful person.
malignitas : wickedness.
maligno : to contrive/do maliciously.
maligo : to do/contrive evil.
Malmundarium : Malmedy.
malo : to choose, prefer.
malo : mallui : malus : to choose, prefer.
malum : evil, misfortune, misdeed, crime, injury, damage.
malus peior pessimus : bad, wicked, evil.
mancipium : slave.
mancipo : to transfer, alienate, seize, catch, give up.
mancipo : mancepo : to sell formally, turn over, give into charge.
mandatum : order, decree, mandate, instruction.
mandatum : commission, charge, entrust.
mandatum : message, command.
mando : to commit, entrust, order, command.
mando : to send word, confide,.
mane : morning, early in the morning, early.
manentia : permanency.
maneo : to remain, stay, stay the night, last, endure, abide by.
manifesto : to make public.
manipulus : maniple.
mano : to flow.
mansuesco : to grow mild.
mansuetudo : mildness.
mansuetus : mild, soft, gentle.
mansurus : that which will endure, abide.
manus manus : hand, band, handwriting.
mara : marl [an earth rich in CaC, added to lime-deficient soils].
Marceniense : Marchiennes,.
Marcieniensis : Marchiennes.
mare maris : sea.
maritus : husband.
marmoreus : like marble.
maro : to apply marl to the soil.
martyr-yris : martyr.
martyrium : n, martyrdom.
mater matris : mother.
matera, mairia : ?vat, for the fermentation of beer.
materia : material, substance, matter.
matertera : maternal aunt.
matrimonium : marriage.
maxime : especially, particularly, principally.
maxime : greatly, exceedingly, to the highest degree, very.
me : (abl.) me /you'll do fine with ME, baby.
me : (acc.) me /that old black magic has ME in its spell.
medicor : to heal, cure.
medicus : doctor, physician.
medie : moderately.
mediocris : ordinary, average, fair, moderate, mediocre.
meditatio : practice, preparation, getting ready.
meditatio : consideration, pondering.
meditor : meditatus : to reflect upon, consider, ponder /practice.
medium : everyday life, the common good, the public eye.
medius : middle, the middle of, central, midst.
mei : my, mine /MY heart belongs to daddy. that old gang of MINE.
mel mellis : honey.
melior : better.
mellitus : honeyed, sweet as honey.
membrana : thin skin, film, parchment, membrane, prepared skin.
memini meminisse : to remember.
memor : mindful, remembering, grateful, thoughful, prudent.
memoratus : mentioned.
memoria : memory, remembrance, recall, recollection.
mendiosus : full of mistakes, shot with errors.
mendosus : faulty, full of faults.
mendum menda : fault, blemish, mistake, error.
mens mentis : mind, thought, intention, intellect.
mensa : table.
mensis mensis : month.
merces mercedis : pay, reward, recompense, compensation.
mereo mereor : deserve, earn, be entitled to, merit.
mereo : deserve, gain, obtain, serve as a soldier.
meretrix meretricis : prostitute, whore, harlot.
meridianus : midday, afternoon, south.
messis : the harvest, in-bringing, crop.
messor : reaper, harvester.
mestitia : misfortune?.
Metim : Metz.
metuo : to fear, dread, be frightened.
metus : fear, dread, anxiety.
meus : my.
mica : crumb, morsel, grain /small loaf.
micans : twinkling, sparkling, shining, gleaming, flashing, glowing.
michina : nostril.
mico : glitter, gleam, shine, sparkle, flash, be bright.
mico : to serve /quiver, shake, palpitate.
migrus, small, puny.
mihi : (dat.) me /give ME land, lots of land.
miles militis : soldier, warrior, knight.
milia : (pl.) thousands.
militaris -e : of a soldier, military, martial.
militus : ground, milled (of grain).
mille : a thousand.
millies milies : a thousand times.
minae : battlements, parapets /threats, menaces.
minagium : duty of the sale of grain.
miniatus : damaged, diminished, lessened, decreased.
minime : in the least degree, very little/not at all, by no means.
minimus : least, smallest, slightest.
ministro : to serve, wait upon, provide, supply.
ministro : to attend, wait upon, assist.
minor : smaller, less, slighter.
minuo : to draw blood, let blood, to bleed (someone).
minuo minui minutum : To less, diminish, decrease, grow smaller.
minutor : miner.
miracula : miraculum : a miracle play.
miraculose : miraculously.
mire : wonderfully, mervellously, uncommonly.
mirifice : wonderfuly, marvelously, extraordinarily.
miro : to wonder.
miror : to marvel at, admire, wonder.
mirus : wonderful, astonishing, extraordinary.
misceo miscui mixtum : to mix, mingle, blend.
misellus : miserable, pathetic, wretched,.
miser : wretched, unfortunate, miserable.
miserabile : sadly, mournfully, wretchedly.
miserabilis : sad, wretched, mournful, plaintive.
miseratio : a fine, charge, tax, amercement.
misere : wretchedly, miserably.
misereo, misereor : to pity.
misericordaliter : mercifully.
misericordia : pity, mercy.
misericorditer : miserably, wretchedly, cruelly.
miseror : ( dative) to pity.
misfacio : to do wrong to, injure, hurt, harm.
missa : holy mass.
mitesco : to grow mild, ameliorate.
mitigo : to make mild or ripe, make smooth, pacify, appease.
mitis : mild, gentle /ripe, mature.
mitto : misi : missum : to send, dispatch.
moderamen : management, direction.
moderor : to guide, manage, mitigate, measure.
moderor : take with moderation, temper.
moderor : to moderate, diminish, direct, govern.
moderor : conduct, play an instrument
modeste : discreetly.
modestia : moderation.
modestus : orderly, within bounds, moderate, restrained.
modestus : moderate.
modica : moderate, within bounds, limited, undistinguished.
modicus : ordinary, undistinguished, within bounds.
modicus : scanty, meager.
modio : a grain measure, a bushel basket.
modius : peck, bushel.
modo : now, just now, only.
modo..modo : at one time .. at another.
modus : measure, bound, limit /manner, method, mode, way.
moenia : walls, fortifications of a city /ramparts /castle, fortress.
moenia : walls, walled town, city, mansion, dwelling.
moere : bemoan, moan.
moeror : grief, sorrow.
moestifer : sorrowful.
moestitia : sorrow.
Moguntium : Mainz.
moles : huge bulk, massive building, might.
moleste : take annoyance/ moleste fero I take annoyance.
moleste fere : to be vexed.
molestia : annoyalce, troublesomeness /stiffness, affectation.
molestus : troublesome, disagreeable, annoying.
molimen : an attempt.
molior : to build, erect, construct, contrive, toil, struggle.
molior : to attempt [ inf.], struggle alone, strive.
mollio : to soften, make pliant.
mollis : soft, pliant, flexible, easily moved, gentle.
molliter : gently.
monachicus : monastic, liturgical.
monachus : monk.
monarchia : monarchy.
Monasteriense : Mnster.
monasterium : monastery, abbey, convent.
monastica : religious.
moneo : to warn, admonish, remind, advise, instruct.
monitio : admonition, warning.
monitum : admonition.
mons : montis : mountain, mount.
monstro : to show, appoint, point out, ordain, appoint, nominate.
monstro : to ordain.
monstrum : portent, omen, monster.
monstrum : portent.
Montensem : Mons.
monumentum : memorial or token of remembrance, remembrance.
mora : delay.
moratlis : mortal.
morbus : sickness, disease, illness.
mores, morium : ways, conduct, character, morals.
morior : to die, wither away, decay.
moror : to stay, remain, reside, linger.
morosus : capricious.
mors mortis : death.
morsus : a biting, bite, also, sting, pain.
mortalitas : the state of being mortal/ death, a dying.
mortifer : deadly, death-bringing.
mortifera : deadly things.
mortuus : dead, deceased, passed away, gone West, departed.
morulo : to linger.
mos : moris/ will, inclination/ custom, wont, usage, rule.
mos : manners habit, customs.
motus-us : m, motion (earth quake).
moveo moti motum : to move, arouse, affect, influence.
mox : soon, presently, then, thereupon.
mucro : a sharp point, edge, dagger point.
mucro : sword's point, sword.
mugio : to groan, bellow, roar, low.
mugitus : bellowing.
mulceo : to soften up.
mulco : to damage.
muliebris : womanly.
mulier : woman.
multi : many, numerous /the common herd.
multicanus : harmonious.
multifariam : in many ways.
multifluus : copiously-flowing.
multigenus : varied, of many kinds.
multimodus : manifold.
multiplex : various, numerous.
multiplex: manifold, many-fold, many times / tortuous.
multiplicatus : multiplied.
multipliciter : in many ways, in various ways.
multis prosecutionibus : pursuing the matter many times.
multo : by much, by far, by a great deal, by a lot.
multo : torment, fine, distrain.
multum : much, greatly.
multus plus plurimum : much, a lot.
multus : ne multus : briefly, in brief.
multus : much, great.
mundo : to clean.
mundus : world, universe.
mundus : clean, neat, elegant.
munero/munerior : to give, present.
munia : tributes, gifts, payments.
munificator : bestower of gifts.
munifico : to present with something, "gratifier".
munificus : munificent, generous.
munimen : fortification.
munimentum : fortification, protection, defenses.
munio : to fortify, defend, protect /build a road.
munita : fortifications.
munitio : fortifying, defense works, bridging, fortification.
munitio : rampart.
munitus : fortified.
munus : muneris : service, office, function, duty /gift.
munus : gift, present, spectacle, function, tribute, service.
murmur : roaring, murmuring.
murus : barrier, defending wall.
mus : muris : mouse.
mussito : to grumble, mutter.
mutatio : change, alteration, transformation.
mutatus : altered, changed, become different.
muto : to change, alter /exchange.
muto : punish, fine, mulct.
mutuo : to borrow, procure.
mutuus : a loan. dare mutuum : to make a loan.
mutuus : interchanged, mutually, reciprocal / reciprocity.
mutuus : reciprocal, mutual.

naevus : fault.
nam : conj, for, for example, instance.
nam : but now, on the other hand /surely, for it is certain.
nam : namque : (conj.) for /for example, for instance.
nam : but now, certainly.
nam : for.
namque : for indeed.
Namucense : Namur.
narro : to make known, say, speak, narrate.
narro : to set forth.
nascor nasci natus : to be born, spring forth.
natalis natalis : birthday.
natio : nation, people.
natio nationis : nation, race, people, breed /pagan people.
nativitas : birth.
natu : (ab,sing.) by birth.
natura : nature.
nauta : sailor.
navale : ship's station, dockyard.
navigatio : voyage, navigation.
navigium : navigation.
naviger : ship-bearing.
navigo : to sail, navigate.
navis navis : ship, vessel, boat.
navitas : energy, get up and go.
ne : (conj.) that .. not, in order that .. not, in order not to.
ne .. quidem : not .. even.
nebulosus : misty, foggy.
nec : conj, and not.
nec tamen : and yet .. not.
nec .. nec : neither nor.
necdum (neque dum) : and not yet.
necessarius : necessary, needed, essential, necessary.
necessarius : needful, things needed.
necesse : (adj.) necessary, unavoidable, indispensable.
necessitas : need, exigency, unavoidability.
necne : or not.
necnon : and also.
neco : to kill, slay, put to death.
neco : to slay.
necto : to tie up, bind, fasten.
necto : to fasten together.
nefandus : abominable.
nefarius : execrable, impious.
nefas : wrong, sin.
neglectum : slight.
neglego : to disregard.
negligentia : carelessness.
nego : to deny, refuse a request, deny something to someone.
negotium : employment, business, task, occupation, pains.
negotium : pains, labor, task, pursuit.
nemo : no one, nobody.
nemorosa : shady.
nemorosus : wooded, covered with trees, forested.
nemus : tree, sacred grove.
neo : to spin, interweave. (to spin thread and yarn).
nepos nepotis : grandson.
nequam : worthless, good for nothing, bad.
nequam : vile.
nequaquam : by no means, not at all.
nequaquam : in no wise.
neque .. neque : neither .. nor.
neque nec : and not, nor.
nequeo : not to be able, to be impossible.
nequeo : not to be able.
nequequam : by no means, not at all.
nequiquam : fruitlessly, to no purpose.
nequiter : wretchedly, vilely.
nequitia nequities : worthlessness, badness, wickedness.
nequitia : vileness.
nescio : to be ignorant, be unaware, not know, be unkowing.
nex : violent death, slaughter, death.
nexus : fastening.
nichilominus : nevertheless.
nidor : vapor, smell, reek, odor.
niger : black.
nihil : (undeclinable) nothing.
nihildom : nothing as yet.
nihilominus nichilominus : nevertheless, notwithstanding.
nihilominus : nevertheless.
nihilum : nothing.
nimirum : of course, undoubtedly, certainly (sometimes ironical).
nimis : adv. too much, overmuch, excessively.
nimis : (adv.) too much, overmuch, excessively.
nimium : (adv.) too much, overmuch, excessively.
nisi : if not, unless, except.
nisus : exertion, endeavor.
niteo : to shine, glitter, be bright, glow, be sleek, flourish.
nitesco : to begn to shine /to grow fat or sleek.
nitesco : to begin to shine, grow sleek.
nitida : glittering.
nitidus : bright, shining /fat, sleek /flowering.
nitor : splendor, glow, elegance, brilliance, brightness.
nitor : to strive, exert oneself, make an effort, persevere.
nitor : to rest, lean, support oneself / trust in, depend upon.
nitor : brillance, brightness, glow, elegance, splendor.
nitor : to endeavor.
Nivellensem : Nivelles, city and monastery.
niveus : white, snowy.
nixor : to lean against /strive, strain, labor, struggle.
nixus : strain, effort.
no : -are : being done, made.
no : (nare, navi) to swim, float, fly, sail.
nobis : (dat.) us /the world belongs to US.
nobis : (abl.) us /there'll be no one as happy as US.
nocens : bad, wicked, injurious, culpable, evil.
noceo : do harm, inflict injury.
noceo : ( dat.) to do harm to, inflict injury, hurt.
noero : noro : to know.
nolens : unwilling.
nolo : nolle : nolui : to be unwilling, wish not to, refuse.
nolo : to to be unwilling.
nomen Romanorum : Roman power.
nomen : name.
nominatim : by name, expressly.
nomine tenus : nominally, in name.
nominor : to be renowned.
non : not.
non solum .. sed etiam : not only .. but also.
nondum : not yet.
nonnisi : not? not unless?.
nonnullus : some /pl. several.
nonnumquam : sometimes.
nonus : ninth.
norma : organization.
normalis : regular.
Northmanni : Normans.
nos : we /WE live and die by that creed.
nos : us /they tried to tell US we're too young.
nosco : to become acquainted with, get to know.
noster nostri : our ours /OUR hearts beat as one.
noster nostri : our ours /that old dream of OURS.
noster nostra nostrum : our, ours.
nota : mark, token, note, sign.
notabilis : -e, noteworthy, notable, notorious.
notarius : stenographer (class.), notary, legal scribe.
notitia : knowledge. information, data, notes, annotations.
noto-are : make note, mark down.
notos : south wind.
nous : intelligence.
novem : nine.
novercalis : malevolent.
novitas : newness, novelty, strangeness.
novo : to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent.
novus : novel, unusual, extraordinary /news, novelty, a new thing.
novus : new, fresh, young, inexperienced, revived, refreshed.
nox noctis : night.
noxa : offense, crime.
noxialis : noxious.
nullatenus : in no wise.
nullus : not any, no, none.
numen : divine will.
numerus : total, category, class, number.
numquam : at no time, never.
nunc quidem : at one time..then.
nunc : now, at the present time, soon, at this time.
nuncupo : to call, proclaim.
nundinae : trade.
nunquam : never.
nuntio : to announce, report, relate.
nuntium-i : n, messenger.
nuntius : messenger, message.
nuper : newly, recently, not long ago.
nuptiae : wedding.
nuptialis : wedding.
nusquam : nowhere, on no occasion / nusquam esse -- not exist.
nusquam esse : not to exist.
nusquam : nowhere, in no place, nothing, for nothing, never.
nuto : to falter in fidelity, give way to, waver in opinion, doubt.
nutrimens : food, nourishment.
nutrimentus : nourishment.
nutrio : to suckle, nourish, bring up, rear.
nutritor : toraise, feed.
nutus : a nod, command, will / gravitation, movement down.
nutus : a nodding, nod, command, will.
nutus : command.

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List of Latin Terms: L-N
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