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 List of Latin Terms: O-P

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PostSubject: List of Latin Terms: O-P   Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:42 pm


obdormio : to fall asleep.
obduco : to draw over, cover/ lead against / pass, spend.
obductio : covering.
obduro : to be hard, persist, endure, last, hold out.
obedienter : obediently.
obedio : to yield obedience to.
obex : barrier.
obfirmo : to bolt, lock, fasten, bar.
obicio obieci obiectum : to offer, throw in someone's teeth.
objurgo : to fight, attack, oppose.
obligatus : bound, under an obligation.
obliquo : to turn sideways, turn aside.
obliquus : slanting.
oblittero : to cancel, blot out.
oblivio : forgetfulness, oblivion.
obnixe : with all one's strength, instantly.
obnoxius : harmful, hostile.
obnubilo : to overcloud.
obruo : to overwhelm, destroy.
obscoena : offensive, filthy.
obscurum : darkness.
obsequens : compliant.
obsequium : indulgence, pliancy, submission.
obsequium funeris : funeral rites.
obsequium : obedience, indulgence.
obses : (obsidis) hostage, security, pledge, surety.
obses : surety, hostage.
obsideo : to sit near /haunt, frequent /besiege, invest.
obsido : blockage, besiege, invest.
obstaculum : obstacle.
obstinatus : firm, resolved, staunch.
obstinatus : resolute.
obsto : to oppose, defend, stand against.
obsum : to hinder.
obtempero : to obey.
obtero : to bruise.
obtestor : to implore, entreat, beg, call as a witness.
obtestor : to assert.
obtineo : to hold, keep, possess, maintain /to continue.
obtineo : to gain.
obtutus : gaze.
obviam : (adverb) in the way, on the way, toward.
obviam ire : (+ dat.) to go to meet, oppose /help, remedy.
obviam : on the way, in the way /(+ dat.) towards, against.
obvio : to encounter, meet.
obvius : on the way, in the way / (in dat.) open, accessible.
obvolvo : to wrap up, cover,.
obvolvo : to muffle up.
occasio : favorable moment, opportunity.
occasio : opportunity.
occasus : setting (of the sun, etc)/ the west /fall, destruction.
occasus : sunset, west.
occatio : harrowing.
occidio : slaughter, massacre.
occido : occidi : occasum : to fall, fall down, (for the sun) to set.
occido : to kill.
occisor : murderer.
occludo : to close, shut up, close off.
occulco : to trample (down).
occulte : secretly, in secret, by stealth.
occulto : to hide, conceal, cover.
occultus : hidden, concealed /secretly.
occumbo : to fall, topple, drop /fall dead.
occumbo : to fall.
occupo : to take possession, grasp, seize, enjoy, get a start on.
occupo : to occupy, seize, appropriate, confiscate, commandeer.
occuro : to occur, come about, happen.
occurro : to occur / run to meet, attack /oppose, work against.
occurro : to go to meet, rush upon.
occursus : a meeting.
ocius : quick. fleet, sooner, faster.
oculus : eye.
odio : to hate, despite, hold in contempt, dislike strongly.
odium : hatred.
odorifera : fragrant.
odorus : keen scenter, sharp nosed.
oestrus : horse-fly, frenzy.
offa : lump, swelling /pellet, shot /mass of something.
offendo : to knock, hit, strike /shock, offend, displease.
offendo : stumble, lurch.
offendo : to displease.
offensio : striking, knocking, hitting against, blow.
offensio : cause of offense.
offensus : collision, shock /dislike, displeasure.
offensus : offense.
offero : to bring forward, place before, present, offer, expose.
officina : workshop, factor.
officiose : courteously, dutifully, solemnly, ceremoniously.
officiosus : respectful, attentive.
officium : duty, service, job, post, position, responsibility.
officium : office, obligation, duty.
olim : at that time, formerly, once, for a long time now.
olim : once, at a future time.
Olympus : heaven, home of the gods, height of eminence.
omitto : to let slip, lose, pardon.
omitto : to omit, leave out /let go.
omnifariam : in every way.
omnigenus : of all kinds.
omnimodus : universal.
omnino : altogether, entirely, wholly, certainly, completely.
omnipotens : all-powerful, almighty, omnipotent.
omnis : all, every.
oneratus : loaded.
onero : to load, burden, oppress, fil up.
onus : load, burden, weight, trouble / charge, public road tax.
onustus : burdened, laden.
opera : work, pains, labor.
operae pretium est : it is worthwhile.
operam do to lavish care upon.
operatio : work.
operor : to work, labor, toil, take pains.
operor : to be active, do.
opes : (pl.) means, wealth, abundance, riches, resources.
opimus : splendid.
opinio : opinion, report, rumor, conjecture, report.
opinio : rumor.
opinor : -atus, 1, dep. v, to be of the opinion of.
opisthotonos : A disease where the body is curved backward.
oporotheca : place for keeping fruit.
oportet : it is fitting, it is proper, reasonable, becoming.
oportet : imper v., to assume it shall be, reasonable, necessary.
oportet : it is proper, one should, one ought.
oportet : it is needful, it behooves.
oportunitas : convenience, fitness, advantage, opportunity.
oppidum : (fortified) town.
oppono opposui oppositum : to set against, oppose, be opposite.
opportune : (adv) opportunely, conveniently.
opportune : fitly.
opportunitas : fitness, suitability, convenience, advantage.
opportunitatus : Heriman, cap. 42.
opportunus : fit, suitable/ (time) favorable /(+dat.) liable to.
opportunus : opportune, fit, convenient, suitable.
opportunus : meet.
opprimo : to subdue, overpower, press against, take by surprise.
opprimo oppressi oppressum : to suppress, overwhelm, overpower, check.
opprobrium : reproach, disgrace.
oppugno : to fight against, attack, assault, assail.
oppugno : to war with, storm.
ops : singular: power, power to aid, power to help.
ops : assistance, treasure, wealth, fortune.
optatus : longed-for.
optimates : the aristocratic party.
optimates : magnates, great lords, the best people, the upper class.
optime : as best one can.
optimus: one of the best, aristocrat, noble.
opto : to desire, wish for, want.
opto : to wish for.
opulens : rich, wealthy / powerful, mighty / splendid, sumptuous.
opulente : opulenter : richly, wealthily.
opulentia : riches, wealth / power, might / opulence, splendor.
opulentia : wealth.
opulentus : wealthy, splendid.
opus operis : work, labor, work done, completed work, building.
opus : deed, labor.
opusculus : a little or small work, a small book.
ora : edge, rim, border, boundary / coast, coast-line.
ora : region, clime, district, country / residents of a district.
ora : sea-coast.
oraculum : a solemn statement, oracle, prophecy, words of a god.
oratio : speech, address, oration.
oratio : prayer.
orator : orator, speaker. spokesman, envoy, ambassador.
oratorie : oratorically.
oratorius : oratorical / oratory.
oratu : (abl.sing.m.) by request.
orbis terrarum : the world, the Earth.
orbis lacteus : the Milky Way.
orbis : circle, orb, ring, disk, orbit, coil/ round / rotation.
orbis signifer : the Zodiac.
orbis : world, circle.
orbita : a wheel rut.
orbitas : bereavement, loss of children, loss of parents.
orbus : deprived of children or parents, orphan / deprived, destitute.
orbus : destitute.
orca : a pot or jar.
orchas : orchadis : a type of olive.
orchestra : theater space reserved for the Senate / senators.
orcus : the Lower World, whale.
ordinarius : according to order, regular, ordinary.
ordinatim : regularly, ordinarily.
ordinatio : rule, government, order, arrangment, regulation.
ordinatus : arranged, orderly.
ordine, ordinem : regularly, appropriately, properly.
ordino : (-are) to set in order, regulate, arrange, appoint, govern.
ordior : ordiri : orsus : to begin, start (esp. of speaking).
ordo : rank, class, order.
orexis : appetite, desire.
organum : instrument, musical instrument.
orgia : a festival of mysteries, orgy.
orichalcum : copper ore / brass.
oriens : rising, the rising sun / east / morning.
Orientales : Easterners.
origo : originis : origin, start, source, beginning / ancestor.
orior : rise, become visible, appear.
orior : to be born / to be a consequence or result of something.
orior oriri ortus : rise, become visible, appear.
oriundus : arising from, springing from, coming from.
oriundus : born.
ornamentum : weapons / honor, distinction.
ornamentum : equipment, kit, trappings / furniture / decorations.
ornamentum : accoutrement.
ornata : adorned.
ornate : splendidly, ornately, elegantly.
ornatus : dress, attire, equipment, ornament, embellishment.
ornatus : to adornment.
orno : to equip, furnish, supply / decorate, adorn.
ornus : mountain ash.
oro : to speak, argue, plead, orate, beg, entreat.
orsa : orsorum : beginning, start, undertaking / first few words.
orsus : a beginning, undertaking, initiative.
ortus : -us, m, birth, origin, rising / origin, source.
oryx : origis : gazelle, wild goat.
oryza : rice.
os : ossis : (n) a bone.
os : oris : face, countenance, sight / expression.
os : oris : mouth, opening, source / a mask.
ostendo : -ere-di sum, to show, to exhibit.
ostendo to show, reveal, present, make plain, declare.
ostium : entrance, door.
otium : free time, leisure, ease, peace, repose.
ovanter : exultingly.
ovis ovis : sheep.

pacifice : peaceably.
pacifico : to pacify, make peace, reconcile.
pacificus : peace-making.
paciscor : to make an agreement, covenant, pact.
paciscor : to make a bargain or agreement, covenant, deal.
paciscor : to barter [away].
pactum : treaty, pact, contract.
pactum : agreement, contract, covenant, pact.
pactus : agreed-upon, stipulated, betrothed.
paecipio : to warn, admonish /teach, instruct.
paene, pene : nearly, almost.
paeniteo : to rue, cause to grieve, be repentant, repent.
paganus : countryman, peasant, pagan.
pagatim : in vilages, in a village manner, in a rusticway.
pagenses : inhabitants of a district, country-folk, peasants.
pagus : district, countryside, rural portions of a civitas.
pala : spade, peel for putting bread in the oven.
palaestra : training, wrestling-place.
palam : openly, publicly, (+abl.) in the presence of.
palea : chaff.
palestra : gymnasium, wrestling school.
palificare : make evident.
paliurus : a plant, Christ's thorn.
pallens : pale, wan, pale yellow, pale green /weak, drooping.
palleo : be pale, be yellow.
pallesco : (+ acc.) grow pale at.
palliata : cloaked.
pallidus : pale, wan; causing paleness.
pallium : coverlet, mantle, cloak.
pallium : covering, monk's garb, nun's veil, mantle.
pallium : stole, any drapery.
pallor : paleness, fading.
palma : palm.
palma : glory, prize, award for victory, salvation.
palmarium : excellent, splendid, outstanding.
palmula : blade of an oar.
palor : (dep.) to wander, stray, err.
palpito : throb, tremble, shake.
palpo : carress, stroke /coax, cajole, flatter.
palpo : to feel one's way.
paludosus : swampy, marshy, boggy.
palus : pale, stake /swamp, bog, marsh.
palus : stay.
palus : paludis : marsh, reed.
paluster : marshy, swampy, boggy.
pando : to stretch out, spread out, extend.
pando : to make known, publicize, make patent.
pandus : curved, crooked, arched, bowed.
pango : to fix, hammer in, drive in, fasten.
pango : to pledge, agree upon.
panis : (-is) bread.
pannosa : tattered.
pannus : rag, patch, piece of cloth.
pannus : swaddling clothes.
panthera : leopard, panther.
panton : everything.
papas : tutor.
papaver : poppy.
papilla : teat, breast, nipple.
pappo : -are; to eat.
papula : a pimple.
par : equal, like.
paratus : prepared, ready, equipped; (of persons) skilled.
paratus : preparation, fitting out, equipment.
parce : moderately, economically.
parcius : scarcely.
parco : (with dative) to spare, refrain from injuring.
parco : (+inf.: to forebear to), avoid, spare, keep oneself from.
parco : to spare, refrain from.
parcus : sparing, thrifty, economical, moderate.
pardus : panther, leopard.
parens : parentis : parent.
parentela : kin.
parentes : relatives, parents.
pareo : (+ dat.) to be obedient to, obey.
pareo : to submit.
paries parietis : wall (of a house).
parilis : similar, like, equal.
parilitas : equality, level to make fit.
pario, to bear, bring forth, produce/ create, make, get.
pario : to spawn.
pariter : alike, at the same time, together.
pariter : likewise, equally, in like manner, as well.
paro : to prepare, get ready/ set, put/ furnish, supply/ buy.
pars : partis : part, share /direction.
pars : side, region.
particeps : partaker, partner, sharer, comrade.
partim : partly /some.
parum : too little, too few, not enough.
parum minus minime : (adv.) little, too little, not enough.
parumper : for a short time, for a little while, for a bit.
parumper : for a moment.
parvulus : child, infant, young, little /very small, tiny.
parvus minor minimus : small, little.
pasco : to graze, forage, browse.
passer : sparrow.
passim : adv. far and wide, everywhere.
passim : scattered about /indiscriminately.
pastor : shepherd.
pastus : pasture.
patefacio : to disclose, expose, open, make open.
patella : dish, platter, plate.
pateo : to be open, be exposed.
pateo : to be revealed, to stand open, to be clear, plain.
pater : patris : father.
paterna : of a father, paternal, native.
paternus : of a father, paternal, native.
patesco : to be laid open, bare, exposed, to be revealed.
patibilis : endurable, bearable, sufferable.
patiens : patient /(+ gen.) capable of enduring.
patiens : long-suffering.
patienter : patiently.
patientia : patience, suffering, endurance.
patientia : forbearance.
patina : a dish.
patior : to suffer, endure, permit.
patior : to suffer, be afflicted with.
patria : fatherland, one's native country, homeland.
patria : fatherland.
patricius : a nobleman.
patrius : handed down from one's forefathers.
patrizo : to take after one's father.
patro : to effect, perform.
patrocinium : patronage.
patrocinor : to protect, defend, support, patronize.
patronus : patron, protector.
patruus : paternal uncle.
patulum : a space, court.
pauci : few, a few, some.
paulatim : gradually, litle by little.
paulisper : for a little while, for a short time.
paululum : very small, very little.
pauper : poor, with few means, poverty-stricken.
pauper : beggar, person without means.
paupertas : beggardry, poverty, humble circumstances.
paveo : to dread.
pavidus : dreadful as in producing fear, quaking as in feeling fear.
pavio : to tread down upon.
pavor : quaking, dread.
pax pacis : peace.
pax pacis : peace, truce, treaty.
pax : harmony in musical context.
peccamen : sin, fault, error.
peccatus : sin.
pecco : to do wrong, err, sin, go astray.
pecto : to comb, card, thrash (to card wool).
pectus : pectoris : heart, breast.
peculium : a bit of money, a small property.
pecunia : money.
pecuniosus : rich, wealthy \profitable, lucrative.
pecus : a single head of cattle, especially a sheep/ a herd.
pecus : pecudis : single beast, head (of cattle).
pecus, pecoris : herd of cattle.
pedes : going on foot, walking /foot-soldier, infantryman.
pedis : foot-soldier.
peior : worse (see malus).
pelagus : main, open sea.
pellax : seductive.
pellis : pelt .
pello pepulli pulsum : to hit, beat /exile, drive away, banish.
peloris : a clam.
pelvis : font.
pendeo : to hang, depend, be suspended /be uncertain, undecided.
pendo : to weigh, value, consider, judge, esteem.
penetrabilis : capable of being penetrated / penetrating, piercing.
penetralis : (noun) interior, inner rooms.
penetralis : passing through, penetrating / internal, inner /.
penetranter : deeply, penetratingly, searchingly.
penetro : to put into, pass through, penetrate.
penetro : to go against, attack, enter, penetrate .
penicullus : a painter's brush, pencil, stylus.
peniculus : a sponge, brush.
penintentiarius : confessor, penintentiary.
penis : tail.
penitens : (penitentis) a penitent.
penitentia : penance.
penitio : to do penance.
penitus : inward, inner, internal, interior.
penitus : (adv.) inside, widely, through and through, completely.
penitus : (adverb) accurately, thoroughly, wholly, entirely.
penna : feather, wing.
penna : feather.
pennae : wing.
pennatus : winged, with feathers.
penniger : winged, with feathers.
pennipes : wing-footed, swift, fleet.
pennipotens : capable of flight.
pennipotenti : birds.
pensilis : hanging.
pensio : a weighing out / paying, payment, rent / day of payment.
pensito : to weigh carefully, weigh out / pay.
pensito : to ponder, consider, think over.
penso : to weigh out / estimate, ponder, consider / pay, purchase.
pensus : paid out, valued.
penuria : penurium :lack, want, penury.
penuriosus : penurious, poor, poverty-stricken.
penus, us : provisions, supplies, victuals.
peplum : robe of state.
per sic quod : on condition that, with the understanding that.
per antea : before, formerly.
per : (prefix to an adjective) very, excessively, quite.
per : (+ acc.) (of time) throughout, during, in the course of.
per : (+ acc.) (of space) through, along, over / in the presence of.
per : (+ acc.) (cause) because of, on account of.
per : (+ acc.) (means/instrument) through, with, by, by means of.
per moenia urbis : inside the walls of the town.
pera : wallet, purse, bag.
peractio : completion, finishing, end.
peracto : to carry through, complete, accomplish.
peraeque : quite equally.
peragito : (-are) to harass, push around.
perago : (legal) to prosecute to the end.
perago : (-ere) to harass, disturb / mention / complete, accomplish.
perago : to to go through with, accomplish, finish.
peragro : to wander through, travel through.
peragro : to search through, traverse.
percello : to smite, strike with consternation, excite.
percipio percepi perceptum : to gain, learn, perceive, understand.
percontor percunctor : inquire, interrogate, investigate.
perculsus : a shock.
percunctor : to interrogate.
percutio (percussum) : to strike hard, pierce, transfix /shock.
percuto : to affect deeply.
perdignus : very worthy.
perditio : loss, destruction.
perditio : ruin.
perdo : to lose, destroy.
perdo : to destroy, ruin, waste, scatter, squander.
perdo : to ruin, lose.
perduco : to lead through, conduct, carry through.
perduco : to guide.
perduco: perduxi : perductum : bring through, spread over.
peregrinus : wanderer, foreigner, stranger / pilgrim, crusader.
perennis : everlasting, uninterrupted.
pereo : to pass away, be destroyed, perish.
pererro : to ramble over.
perfectus : complete, finished, done /perfect, without flaw.
perfero : to bear, suffer, endure.
perfero: pertulit : to endure, undergo.
perficio : to accomplish, perfect, complete, achieve, effect.
perficio : perfeci : perfectum: to do thoroughly, accomplish, bring.
perfidia : treachery, faithlessness.
perfidia : treachery.
perfidiosus : treacherous, faithless.
perfidus : treasonous.
perflo : to blow through or over.
perfringo : to break through, penetrate /shatter.
perfruor : to execute completely, enjoy to the full.
perfundo : to drench.
perfusus : steeped, soaked, drenched.
pergo : to continue, proceed, go on with.
pergo : to proceed, pursue.
periclitatus : put in peril, endangered.
periclitor : to test make a trial, put in peril, endanger.
periculosus : hazardous, dangerous.
periculum : danger, risk.
periculum : risk, danger, destruction.
perimo peremi peremptum : to destroy.
perimo : to slay.
peritus : skilled, expert.
peritus : skilful.
periurium : perjury, oath-breaking, foreswearing an oath.
perjuro : to break an oath.
perlabor : to slip through.
perlustro : to pass through, survey, look, examine.
permaneo : to stay to the end, last, endure.
permaximum : the very greatest.
permeo : to pass through.
permeo : to traverse.
permetior : to measure, traverse.
permitto : permissi : permissum : to allow, permit, let.
permitto : to suffer, allow.
permoveo : to excite, agitate, stir up, move.
perniciosus : pernicious, destructive.
perorno : to greatly adorn.
peroro : to speak from beginning to end.
perosus : hateful.
perpendo : to weigh carefully.
perperam : wrongly, falsely.
perpes : never-ending.
perpetior : to endure.
perpetro : to complete, accomplish, perform.
perpetuus : perpetual, lasting, continuous, uninterrupted.
perpetuus : unbroken.
perquiro : to make a diligent search for, examine.
perscitus : very clever, exceedingly sharp.
perscribo : to write out, write down, place on record.
perscrutor : to search through, examine.
perseco : to cut through, dissect, cut away.
persentio : to feel deeply.
persequor persequi persecutus : to follow, pursue, take revenge.
persequor : to persecute, hunt down, track, trail.
perseverantia : perseverence, persistence.
perseverantia : steadfastness.
persevero : to persist, persevere, continue.
persevero : to to abide by strictly, continue steadfastly, continue.
persisto : to persist, persevere.
persolvo : to unloose, explain, expound /pay off a debt, pay.
persolvo : to render, discharge.
persona : [medieval] one holding an honor, official, magnate.
persona : actor's mask, part, role /character, personality.
personam gero : to act a part.
perspicax : penetrating.
perspicuus : transparent, bright, clear, evident.
perspicuus : clear.
persto : to persist, remain firm.
perstruo : to construct.
persuadeo persuasi persuasum : (+ dat.) to persuade.
perterreo : to terrify.
pertimesco : to become very much afraid.
pertinacia : firmness, obstinacy, stubborness.
pertinaciter : stubbornly, obstinately.
pertinax : persistent, firm, mean, stubborn, obstinate.
pertineo : to pertain to, relate to, concern.
pertingo : to stretch out, extend.
pertorqueo : to twist, distort.
pertraho : to drag, forcibly conduct, entice, allure.
perturbatio : passion.
perturbo : to disturb, trouble, perturb, disrupt.
perturpis : very disgraceful.
peruro perussi perustum : to burn up, consume /inflame, gall, chafe.
peruro : to burn up.
pervalidus : very strong.
pervasor : invader.
pervenio : (+ acc.) to reach, attain, reach, be passed to.
pervenio : to come to.
perversa : corrupt, awry.
perverto : to turn upside down, overturn, overthrow.
pervicax : determined.
pervideo : to look over, survey, inspect, discern.
pervigil : ever-watchful.
pervium : thoroughfare.
pes pedis : foot.
pessimus : worst (see malus).
pessum ire : to sink, be ruined, destroyed, be put to an end.
pessum dare : to destroy, ruin, wreck.
pessum : to the ground, to the bottom, downward.
pestifer : pestilential, injurious, damaging, plaguey,.
pestifer : baleful, destructive, mischievous person.
pestifere : destructively, injurously.
pestilencia : pestilence, plague.
pestis pestis : plague, epidemic, pestilence /destruction, curse.
pestis : destruction, pestilence, curse.
petitus : inclining toward.
peto : to make for, go to, seek, strive after.
peto : to ask for, beg, request, demand / to sue for.
peto : to make for, seek out, relate to.
petrosus : rocky.
petulans : wanton.
phalangula : small host.
phalanx : host, band of warriors.
phalerae : trapping for foreheads and breasts of horses, ornaments.
phaleratus : bridled, harnessed, bearing arms.
pharetra : a quiver.
phasma phasmatis : ghost, spirit, specter.
philologus : scholar, learned man / adj. learned, literary.
phitonicum : Herimann p. 275.
Phoebus : sun.
phthisis : consumption, tuberculosus.
phylacterium : amulet.
physiologus : a natural science.
pia pium : honest, godly, holy, pious, dutiful, patriotic.
piaculum : a victim, sacrifice, atonement, punishment /a sin, crime.
piaculum : sin.
pica : jay, magpie.
picea : the spruce tree.
pictor : painter.
picturatus : painted / of cloth, embroidered.
picus : woodpecker.
pie : adv, piously, religiously, dutifully.
pietas : compassion, dutifulness, kindness.
pietas : dutifulness, dutiful conduct, piety, devotion, kindness.
piger pigra pigrum : lazy, slow, dull.
pignus : gage, collateral, surety, pawn.
pignus : pawn, pledge, token, (in pl.) persons in pledges of.
pilo : to shave, sut the hair.
pilosus : hairy, covered with hair.
pilum : heavy javelin.
pilus : a single hair /a trifle.
pinetum : pine wood.
pingo : pixi : pcitum : to paint, embroider, draw.
pingo : stain, dye /decorate.
pinguesco : to grow fat, sleek.
pinguis : fat, oily, rich, sleek, /fertile.
pinguitudo : fatness, rotundity.
pio : to purify with sacred rites.
piper, piperis : pepper.
pipio : to chirp, tweet, pipe.
pirum : pear.
pirus : pear tree.
piscator : fisherman.
piscis : fish.
pius : pious, dutiful, compassionate, respectful, gracious.
pius: dutiful, godly, holy, upright, kind, honest, affectionate.
placatus : appeased.
placeo : (+ dat.) to please, be agreeble to.
placet : it is agreed, it is resolved, it seems good.
placide : quitely, gently.
placidus : quiet, still, gentle.
placitum : judgment, case/ plea, litigation / defense.
placitum : conference, meeting, negotiation.
placitum : accord, agreement, pact /assembly for judgment.
placo : to placate, appease.
plaga : district, zone, region.
plaga : a blow, stroke, wound, buffet,.
plaga : blow, buffet, slap.
plaga : plague (Vulgate), affliction, scourge.
plagatus : wounded.
plagiarius : kidnapper, plagiarist.
planctus : wailing.
plane : plainly, clearly.
plango : to beat ones breast.
plango : planxi : planctum : to strike, beat /bewail, mourn.
planta : plant, shoot, sprout, twig, sprig.
plantarium : nursery, nursery garden/ sole of the foot.
planto : to set in place, make, form, shape/ plant, fix in place.
planum : level ground.
plasmator : maker.
plasmo : to mould.
platea : street, courtyard.
plaustrum : wagon, cart, Charles' Wain, the Big Dipper.
plebeius : common.
plebs : populace, lower classes, the mob.
plebs : the common people, the masses, the crowd.
plecto aliquem capite :* suffer capital punishment, death.
plecto : to punish.
plector : to be punished.
plectrum : lute.
plene : (adv.) completely, wholly, fully.
plenus : filled, laden.
plenus : full, complete, full, satisfied, rich, mature, plump.
plerumque : for the most part, generally, commonly, mostly.
plerusque : very many, a great number, a large part, the greater part.
plico : to fold.
plorabilis : deplorable.
ploratio : lamentation, mourning, weeping.
plorator : a lamenter.
ploratus : weeping, lamenting.
ploro : to lamen, weep, weep over.
pluit : pluvit : it is raining, a shower is falling.
pluma : feather /featherbed /pen.
plumbeus : leaden, made of lead /dull, stupid, heavy, opressive, bad.
plumbum : lead, a bullet, lead pipe.
plumbum album : tin.
pluo : to rain, shower, sprinkle.
plura : more numerous, several, many.
plures : more numerous, several, many.
pluries : often, frequently.
plurimi : at the highest price, of the highest worth.
plurimus : most, very many.
pluris : (gen.) at a higher price, of a great value.
plus : more.
plusculus : somewhat more, rather more.
pluvia : rain, shower.
pluvialis : pertaining to rain, of rain.
pneum : breath.
pocius : = potius.
pocius potius : rather, preferrably.
podagra : gout.
poema poematis : poem, verse, rhyme.
poena : pain, punishment, penalty /poena dare : to pay the penalty.
poeta : (masc.) poet.
polenta : pearl barley, barley groats.
pollen : fine flour, fine meal. (also pollis ).
pollens : strong, mighty.
polleo : to be rich in.
polleo : to be strong, powerful, able.
pollex : thumb, big toe.
polliceor : to promise, offer.
pollicitas : offering.
pollicitatio : promise.
pollicitus : promised, a promise.
polluo : to defile.
polus : pole, heavens.
pomum : fruit, apple.
pondera : balance, equilibrium.
pondero : to weigh, consider, reflect.
pondus : a pound's weight /weight, mass, load /heavy body.
pondus : weight, weight of character, firmness, constancy.
pono posui positum : to lay, place, put, set /(milit.) post, station.
pons pontis : bridge.
pons : bridge, drawbridge.
pontifex : bishop.
pontus : bridge.
poposco : see posco; Herimann, cap. 28, 69.
populatio : devastation, wasting /population.
populi : people.
populus : people, the people, nation, crowd, multitude, host.
populus : popular.
populus : populace, laity.
porro : forward, further, next, in turn, (of time) long ago.
porta : gate, entrance.
portus : harbor.
posco : to call upon, ask ernestly, request.
posco : to beg.
positus : position, place, arrangment.
positus : situated.
possessio : possession, property.
possessiones : holdings.
possideo : hold, abide.
possum posse potum : to be able, avail, have influence.
possum : to be able, to be capable.
post modum : afterwards, presently, shortly.
post : (+ acc.) after, behind.
post tergum : behind.
postea : afterwards.
posteri : posterity.
posteritas : succeeding generations, offspring, posterity.
posterus, postremo : subsequent, following, next, future.
posthabeo : to put after, consider of less account, [posthabito].
postpono : to put after, consider secondary.
postquam : (conj.) after.
postquam : after/ : [+ subj.] because.
postulatio : a demand, request, desire /complaint.
postulativus : plaintive.
postulator : plaintiff, complainant.
postulo : to complain /contain, measure /need, require.
postulo : to ask, demand, require /summon, prosecute, impeach, try.
potens : mighty, able, mighty, powerful, strong.
potentia : might, power, authority.
potentia : [political/diplomatic power] influence.
potestas : power, ability, authority /opportunity.
potestas : legal competence.
potior : (+ gen. or dat.) to possess, hold, get possession of.
potior : to [+ abl] obtain.
potissimum : (adv.) chiefly, most of all.
potissimus : best of all, chief, principal.
potius : comp. adj, in order that, rather.
potius : rather, preferably.
practicus : active.
prae dulcis : pre dulcis : exceedingly sweet.
prae se ferre / pre se ferre : to show, exhibit, on account of.
prae : pre : (prep. with abl.) before, in front of.
prae quam : pre quam : in comparison with.
prae pre : (adv.) before, in front.
praebalteata : girded.
praebeo : prebeo : (+ refl.) to show oneself, present oneself.
praebeo : to offer.
praebeo : prebeo : to offer, hold out, supply, provide, allow.
praecautus : on one's guard.
praecaveo : to take precautions.
praecedo : precedo : to precede, go before /surpass, excell.
praecedo : to precede.
praecedo : praecessi : praecessum : to go, result.
praecellens : distinguished, excellent.
praecello : to preside over, be distinguished.
praecelsus : very lofty.
praecelsus : precelsus : exceedingly high.
praecepio : precepio : precept, preconception.
praeceps : precipice.
praeceptum : preceptum : instruction, injunction, command, precept.
praecidentius : cautiously.
praecido : to cut short, lop, mutilate.
praecingo : to gird, encircle.
praecipo : to instruct.
praecipio : precipio : to instruct, advise, warn, anticipate.
praecipitium : headlong fall.
praecipito : cast down headlong.
praecipue : especially, chiefly.
praecipue : adv, especially.
praecipuus : extraordinary, subst : chief.
praecipue : particularly.
praeclarus : excellent, famous, beautiful, striking.
praeconium : laudation.
praeconor : preconor : to be a public crier, to herald, proclaim.
praecox : precox : ripe beforehand, premature.
praecursor : forerunner.
praeda : preda : plunder, booty, spoils of war, loot, gain, prey.
praedatio : taking of booty.
praedatus : taking of booty.
praeda : booty.
praedor : to plunder.
praedestino : to determine beforehand, predestine.
praedicare : to preach.
praedicatio : preaching (s), foretelling (s), condemning.
praedico : predico : to warn, admonish, instruct, foretell.
praedico : to fix in advance.
praeditus : well endowed.
praedium : estate.
praeduco : to put before.
praeeo : to lead the way.
praeeo : preeo : to go before, precede /to say in advance /to order.
praefatus-i : m, before mentioned.
praefero : prefero : to carry in front, display, prefer.
praefero : prefero : anticipate, carry by, ride by.
praeficio : preficio /prefeci prefectum : to put in charge of.
praefinio : prefinio : to appoint ahead of time.
praefoco : prefoco : to choke, suffocate.
praegravo : pregravo : to press heavily upon, weigh down, oppress.
praeire : to go before.
praejudicium : damage.
praejudico : to decide beforehand ie plan.
praelabor : to glide past, translated as transient.
praelibo : to taste beforehand.
praelium : battle.
praelior : to do battle.
praelium facio : to join battle.
praemitto : to send forward, dispatch, send in advance.
praemium : reward, exploit -.
praemium : premium : reward, prize/ booty /profit.
praemo : premo : to press down, strike down.
praemoneo : to forwarn.
praemunio : to secure.
praeniteo : to gleam especially.
praenuntio : prenuntio : to foretell, announce before hand.
praenuntius : prenuncius : foretelling, harbinger, omen, token.
praeoccupor morte : to fall prey to death.
praeopto : to desire more or much.
praeparo : preparo : to prepare, ready, make ready, arrange.
praepedio : to hinder.
praepes : nimble.
praepono : prepono : to set over, prefer.
praepositus prepositus : (monastic) prior.
praepositus : manorial agent, steward, bailiff, prior.
praeproperus : preproperus: over-hasty, precipitate.
praesagium : presentiment.
praesagus : prophetic.
praesagio : to prophesy.
praescio : to foreknow.
praesentia : presence, presence of mind, effect, power.
praeses : guard.
praesidium : garrison troops, assistance, aid.
praesidium : guard, garrison, detachment /protection.
praesieo : praesedi : praesedere : to sit before, preside, command.
praestans : prestans : excellent, distingished, imminent, superior.
praestantia : prestantia : superiority, excellence.
praesto : [+ subj clause] to be better, preferable.
praestigiator : impostor.
praesto : to furnish, offer.
praesto presto : to answer for, be responsible for.
praesto presto : to do, perform, display, fulfill, offer, present.
praesto : to stand before, be outstanding, excell, surpass, show.
praestolatio prestolatio : the waiting for, expectation.
praestolor : to wait for, stand ready.
praestringo : to bind fast.
praesul presul : dancer /presider, protector, director.
praesum : v, to be before.
praesum presum : to be at the head of, be in charge of.
praesum : to be set over, preside over have charge of.
praesumo presumo : to anticipate, take for granted.
praesumo : to trust, venture, dare.
praesumptio : audacity.
praeter : adv, beyond, after.
praeter : adj., except; prep. + acc., besides, beyond, more than.
praeterea : adv, besides, moreover, as indeed it is.
praeterea : preterea : besides, further, hereafter.
praetereo : pretereo : to pass over, pass by, omit.
praeteritus : preteritus : past.
praetermissio : pretermissio : neglect, passing over, omission.
praetorgredior : pretergredior : to pass betond, go beyond.
praevalens : very powerful.
praevaleo : to prevail, have power.
praevalesco : to grow very strong.
praevalida : very powerful.
praevaricor : to transgress.
praevenio : to come before, anticipate.
praevenio : to get the start of/ to forestall, prevent, hinder.
praevideo : to take precautions.
praevius : previous, former.
prandio : to eat lunch.
prandium : dinner, lunch.
pratum : meadow, hay-field.
pratus : meadow.
pravitas : crookedness, depravity, deformity, perversity.
pravus : depraved, wicked, evil, perverse.
precatus : prayer, beseeching.
precipio : to anticipate, instruct, advise, warn.
precipue : especially, particularly, chiefly.
precipue : chiefly, especially, particularly.
precipuus : excellent, distinguished, special, extraordinary.
precor : to beseech, pray, beg, entreat, invoke.
prehendo : to seize, snatch, grasp, detain, arrest.
premo : squeeze, press down, strike down.
premo : to weigh down, stifle, overwhelm.
premo pressi pressum : to squeeze, press down, strike down.
prenda : booty, loot, stolen goods.
preoccupo : to attack first, take, vex, occupy.
preoccupo: to block, prevent, frustrate.
prepositus : reeve, steward, provost, prior, abbot.
presertim praesertim : especially, chiefly.
presso : to conceal.
pretereo : to go by, pass by, escape.
pretium : price, vaue, reward.
prevenire : to come to, go before hand, attend.
prex precis : request, entreaty, prayer.
prex : entreaty.
pridem : in time past.
primaeva : youthful.
primitus : first, for the first time.
primo : first, at first, at the beginning, at the start.
primordia : atoms.
primordium : first beginning, origin.
primoris : first, foremost, at the top, uppermost.
primoris : first, foremost /most distinguished, first.
primum : quam primum : as soon as possible.
primum : at first, for the first time, in the first place.
primus : chief.
princeps :* leader, prince, preeminent person, magnate, prince.
principatus : rule, dominion, pre-eminence, first place.
principium : beginning.
principor : to rule.
prior : prius : former, prior.
priores : um : forefathers, ancestors.
priscus : ancient, antique, former, old days, venerable.
pristinus : former, venerable, ancient.
prius : before, formerely.
priusquam : (conj.) before.
privatus : private, unofficial, a private person.
privatus : deprived, released.
privigna : step-daughter.
privo : to rob, deliver, deprive.
privus : (with gen.) deprived of.
pro : (+ abl.) in front of, before /on behalf of, for.
pro eo : because of the fact, because, for this reason.
pro : (+ abl.) in return for, instead of /for, as.
proavus : great-grandfather.
probabilis : credible.
probabiliter : with credibility.
probatur : from probo-are, to judge, test, examine.
probatus : approved.
probitas : probity, uprightness, honesty.
probitas : liberality.
probo : to show, prove, demonstrate, approve, find good, judge.
probrum : reproach, abuse.
probus : upright, liberal, generous.
procax : brash.
procedo : to go ahead, proceed, advance, continue.
procedo : to go out, come out /result, prosper /turn out well.
procella : storm, tempest, gale; (milit) charge, onset, wave.
procella : tempest.
procellosus : tempestuous.
procer : chief noble, prince.
proceres : prelates, chiefs, magnates.
proceritas : height.
procerus : tall.
processus : procession, progress.
procido : to fall prostrate.
procinctu : prepared or ready for battle.
proclivia : slopes.
proclivus : inclined, ready.
procreo : to beget.
procul : far, at, to, from a distance.
procuratio : management, administration, diretion, supervision.
procurator : manager, bailiff, agent.
procuro : to take care of, manage.
prodeo : to advance, go forward, appear, go forth, sally forth.
prodico : to put off, delay.
prodigentia : profusion, prodigiality.
prodigialiter : amazingly, wonderfully.
prodigiosus : unnatural, wonderful, miraculous, amazing.
prodigium : prodigy, portent / monster, unnatural thing.
prodigo : drive forth, waste, spend, expend.
prodigus : rich, extravagant, abound in, profuse.
prodigus : lavish.
proditio : betrayal, treason.
proditio : treason, betrayal.
proditor : traitor, betrayer.
proditus : treachery.
prodo : deliver, transmit, hand over, disclose.
prodo : publish, bring forth, appoint /abandon, betray.
prodoceo : teach, inculcate, indoctrinate.
prodromus : forerunner.
produco : to bring into the world.
producto produxi productum : promote, divulge, bring to light.
producto produxi productum : produce, bring forward, bring out.
proeliator preliator : fighter, warrior, combatant.
proeliator : warrior.
proelium : battle.
profano : profane, desecrate.
profano : to violate.
profanus : not sacred, uninitiated, ordinary, common, impious.
profanus : wicked.
profectio : departure, source, origin.
profectio : departure.
profecto : truly, really, indeed.
profectus : advance.
profero : to enlarge, extend/ delay, postpone.
profero : to carry out, bring forth/ advance, impell/cite, mention.
profero : to reveal, proffer.
professio : monastic profession of vows/ oath of canonical obedience.
professio : monastic rule.
professio : declaration, profession/ trade, art, craft, profession.
professor : authority, expert.
professorius : authoritative.
professus : having professed monastic vows.
proficio : advance, assist, help, aid, be of use.
proficio : to make progress, advance.
proficio : to go on, be advantageous, accomplish.
proficiscor : to depart, set out, to start forward, to arise.
proficiscor : to travel, march.
proficuus : proficiscor : to start forward, set out, depart, arise.
profiteor : to confess (one's sins), to take a monastic oath.
profiteor : to declare publicly, profess.
profiteor: to make a public statement / to declare oneself.
profiteor: to acknowledge, confess / offer, promise.
profor : profari : profatus : to speak out.
profugus : fleeing, fugitive, banished, migratory.
profundo : profui : profusum : to pour forth, gush, stream.
profundum : a depth, abyss, chasm /the sea.
profundus : deep, profound, high, thick, dense, boundless.
profusius : profusely.
profuturus : beneficial.
progagus : offspring.
progener : husband of a grand-daughter.
progenero : to produce, engender.
progenierum : from generation to generation.
progenies : descent, lineage, progeny, offspring, descendants.
progenitor : founder of a family, ancestor.
progenitus : descended.
progigno : progenui : progenitum : to engender, bring forth.
prognatus : born, sprung from /son.
progredior : to go forth, advance, proceed, go out.
progredior : to march forward.
progressio : advance, progress, increase.
progressus : advance, going forward, increase, a royal circuit.
proh : ah!.
prohibeo : to prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit, forbid.
prohibeo : to hold back, withhold, restrain.
prohibitio : prohibition, restrain, forbidding.
proicio : to throw forth, fling, abandon.
proinde quasi : proinde ac si : just as if.
proinde : consequently, therefore, as a result.
proinde ut: proinde quam: just as.
prolabor : to slide forward, slip forward, fall forward, fall down.
prolapsio : a slipping or sliding.
prolatio : a bringing forward, mentioning /extension /deferring.
prolato : to enlarge, lengthen, extend /put off, defer.
prolecto : to entice, allure.
proles : offspring, descendants, posterity, (plants : fruit).
proles : descendant, progeny.
proletarius : a citizen of the lowest rank.
prolicio prolixi : to lure forth, entice.
prolix : long, stretching.
prolixus : wide, broad, long / willing, obliging, favorable.
proloquium : assertion, utterance.
proloquor : to speak out, declare openly.
proluo prolu prolutum : to wash away, wash clean.
prolusio : preliminary exercise, prelude.
proluvier : innundation /scouring /discharge.
proluvies : overflowing.
promereo : promereor : to deserve, merit.
promereor : to earn.
promerita : deserving.
promeritum : desserts, merit, credit.promissio : a promise.
prominens : jutting out, standing out /a projection.
promineo : to stand out, jut, extend.
promisce : promiscue : indiscrimately.
promiscus promiscuus : mixed, indiscriminate /commonplace, usual.
promissio : a promise.
promissor : a promiser, suretor, guarantor.
promitto : to let go forward, send forth, promise, undertake.
promitto : to let go, send forth, undertake, promise.
promitto : to put forth, make a promise, oath.
promitto : engage oneself, promise,.
promissum : promise, offer.
promo prompsi promptum : to produce, disclose, bring forth.
promontorium : peak, mountain crest, ridge, promontory.
promoveo promovi promotum : push forward, move ahead, advance.
prompte : promptly, resolutely, readily.
promptu : in promptu esse : to be ready, to be easy, to be clear.
promptu : in promptu habere : to have read, display, have on show.
promptu : in promptu ponere : to make clear, reveal, disclose.
promptus : ready at hand, visible, apparent.
promptus : (persons) prepared, resolute, prompt.
promptus : ready, inclined to.
promulgatio : publication, promulgation (of a law).
promulgo : to publish.
promus : steward, butler.
promutuus : (cash) advanced, prepaid, arragned beforehand.
pronepos proneptos : great-grandson.
pronuntio : to proclaim, announce, declaim.
pronus : stooping.
propago : to extend.
propago-are : to spread, propagate.
propalata : made public, publicized.
propalo : to make public.
prope : near, nearly, not far from, just now, closely.
prope : near, near to, not far, not long from now.
propello : to drive before one, drive away.
propense : readily.
propero : to hasten, speed, move rapidly, come quickly.
propero : to hasten / accelerate, speed up.
propero : to hasten.
propino : to set before one.
propinquitas : intimacy, nearness, closeness.
propinquo : (intrans) to come near, draw near, approach.
propinquus : near, close, similar, nearly related.
propinquus : kinsman.
propitius : favorable, gracious.
propitius : gracious.
propono : display, publish, relate, tell, propose, promise.
propono : to design, point out.
propositio : proposal, proposition.
propositum : a design, purpose, scheme, theme of discourse.
propositum : intention, declaration.
proprie : exclusively, particularly, peculiarly. properly.
proprietas : ownership.
proprius : one's own, permanent, special, peculiar.
proprius : characteristic, particular.
propter : (+ acc.) near, close, on account of, because of.
propugnaculum : tower, fortification, rampart, defense.
prora : prow.
prorsus : forward, straight ahead, to sum up, utterly, wholly.
prorsus : utterly.
proruo : to tumble down.
prosapia : family, stock.
prosequor (prosecutus) : to attack, go with, pursue, attend.
prosequor : to pursue.
prosilio : to spring up, burst forth.
prosper : favorable, fortunate, lucky, prosperous.
prosper : propitious.
prospera : good fortune.
prosperitas : propserity, good fortune.
prosperitas : success.
prospicio : to look into the distance, contemplate.
prospicio : to see from a distance, prosper, propitious.
prosterno : to knock down, cast down /destroy, ruin.
prosterno : to overthrow, prostrate.
prosum : (with dat.) to be useful, do good, benefit.
prosum (profuturus) : to be useful, of benefit, do good.
prosum : to benefit.
protego : to protect.
protelo : to lead.
protendo : to stretch out.
protense : extensively. .
rotensus : extensive.
protero : to tread under foot, trample.
proterus : wanton.
protestor, protesto : to declare in public, affirm, bear witness.
prothonotario : protonotary.
prothoplastus : the first man.
protinus : forward, further on, continuously, immediately.
protraho (protractus): to draw out, rpotact, defer, make known.
prout : as, just as, according to.
provectus : aged, old, advanced in years.
provectus : advanced, advanced in age.
proveho : to carry on, carry forward, advance, promote,.
proventus : a growing up, increase, crop, yield, or issue.
provida : prudent.
providentia : providence, foresight, prudence.
provideo : to foresee, provide, make provision for.
providor : caretaker.
provisio : forethought.
provisor : one who provides for, or against.
provolvere se : to throw oneself down, abase oneself.
provolvo : to fall down at another's feet.
proximus : nearest, closest, next.
prudens : prudent, wise.
prudens : discreet, sensible, judicious.
prudenter : wisely, discreetly.
prudenter : discreetly.
prudentia : foresight, wisdom, discretion.
prudentia : practical judgment, discretion.
prurigo : to itch.
psallo : to sing Psalms of David, psalmodize, sing.
psallo : to play/sing to stringed instrument, esp. cithara.
pubertas : manhood.
pubes : young men, signs of manhood.
pubesco : to reach the age of puberty.
publicus : of the people, public, open to all.
puchre : beautifully, finely, handsomely.
pudendus : shameful, disgraceful.
pudeo : to be ashamed,.
pudet : it causes shame.
pudicus : modest. chaste.
pudor : modesty, bashfulness.
pudor : ignominy,.
puella : girl.
puer : boy.
puerilis : childish, boyish, folish, foolish.
pueriliter : boyishly, childishly, foolishly.
puga : pyga : buttocks.
pugna : fight, battle, conflict, set-to.
pugnacitas : the desire to fight, pugnacity.
pugnaculum : fortress.
pugnator : combatant.
pugnax : fond of fighting, combative, stubborn, contntious.
pugno : to fight.
pugnus : the fist.
pulchellus : pretty.
pulcher pulchra pulchrum : beautiful, handsome, fine, fair.
pulchritudo : beauty, fineness.
pulex : the flea.
pullulo : shoot up, sprout, burgeon.
pullulo : to increase, spread.
pullus : young animal /chicken, chick.
pullus : dark-clorored, blackish /sad, gloomy / a dark garment.
pullus : young.
pulmentum : anything eaten with bread, sauce or relish.
pulmo : the lung.
pulpa : flesh.
pulpitum : platform, stage.
pulsatus : touched, struck.
pulso : to strike (the hours).
pulso : to strike, touch.
pulsus : beating, blow, push, impulse, influence.
pulverulentus : full of dust.
pulvis : dust, powder /arena, scene of action.
pumilius pumilio : a dwarf.
punctum : a prick, little hole, puncture /a point, spot, place.
pungo pupugi punctum : to penetrate /sting, annoy, harrass.
pungo pupugi punctum : to prick, puncture, stab /touch, move.
pungo : to sting.
puniceus : purple, red.
puniceus : reddish.
punio : to punish, avenge, gave vengeance.
punitor : punisher, avenger.
pupa : doll /little girl.
pupillus pupilla : orphan, ward.
pupillus : orphan, minor.
puppis : stern of a ship, the poop.
pupula : pupil of the eye.
purgamentum : rubbish, trash, filth, sweepings.
purgatio: cleaning out, cleansing /excsuing, justification.
purgo : to clean, cleanse, purify/ clear away, wash off/ justify.
purpura : purple dye, purple cloth /high rank, emperorship.
purpureus : brilliant, purple-colored.
purus : pure, free from, spotless, without stain.
purus : spotless.
pusillus : tiny, puny /petty, mean.
pusillus : insignificant, very small.
pusio : lad.
putator : pruner.
puteo : to stink, be redolent, smell bad.
puter : rotten, decayed, putrid /loose, crumbling /flabby.
putesco : to putrefy, day, rot.
puteulanus : blue.
puteus : well, pit.
puto : to clear, settle up, consider, think, believe, suppose, judge.
putus : pure, unmixed, unadulterated.
pyropus : bronze.
pyus pyxidis : a little box, casket.

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List of Latin Terms: O-P
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