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 List of Latin Terms: Q-R

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PostSubject: List of Latin Terms: Q-R   Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:43 pm


qua : (fem. sing. abl.) (the abbess) BY WHOM she was advised.
qua : (adv.) by which route, where.
quadra : dining table.
quadraginta : forty (Indecl.).
quadratus : square, a square.
quadrigae : four-horse team.
quadrivium : second stage of the medieval curriculum.
quadrivium : crossroads, place where four roads meet.
quadrum : a square.
quadruplator : an exaggerator, informer.
quadruplor : to be an informant.
quae que : (fem. sing. nom.) (the milkmaid), WHO loved a prince.
quae : (neut. plur. nom.) WHAT cannot be avoided must be endured.
quae : (neut. pl. acc.) those things WHICH we must have.
quae : (fem. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (women) WHO have ears to hear .
quaerito : to seek/look earnestly for.
quaero : quero : to seek, search for / ask, enquire, search for.
quaero : quero : to miss, want / seek to know / obtain, get.
quaero : to plan, search, procure.
quaero: to seek, search for, get, obtain.
quaesitio : quesitio : investigation, interrogation.
quaeso : queso : to seek for, ask for, beseech.
quaestio : questio : seeking, searching /inquiry, investigation.
quaestio : judicial investigation.
quaestuosus questuosus : profitable, fond of gain, rich.
quaestus questus : profit, a source of profit, gainiing, getting.
qualis : of what kind? of the kind that.
qualiscumque : of any kind whatever, any whatever.
qualislibet : of what sort you will.
qualitas : quality, property, nature.
qualiter : just as, in whatever manner/way.
quam plures : as many as possible.
quam : (fem. sing. acc.) (the church), WHICH the Lord loved.
quam : (adv. and conj.) how, than, as .. as possible.
quamdiu : such a long time.
quamobrem, quam ob rem : wherefore? why? for which reason.
quamobrem : for which reason, on which account, why.
quamquam : though, although.
quamquam : nevertheless, and yet (beginning a sentence)/ though.
quamtotius : ? completely, all.
quamvis : adv/conj, ever so much.
quamvis : (conj) however much, although/ as much as you like.
quando : (interr.) when si quando : if ever.
quandoque : adv, of one time or another.
quandoquidem : since, because.
quanti : for how much, at what price.
quanto : by how much (+ comp. adj. or adv.).
quantocius : quantotius : the sooner the better.
quantocius : quantotius : as quickly as possible.
quantum in me est : as much as in me lies.
quantum : how much?, how much!, as much as.
quantum : adv, regard to, as much as, the more, the greater.
quantum : (+ gen.) as much of .. as.
quantus : how great?, how great!, how much, as great as.
quantus .. quantus : as great as, as much as.
quantus : how great, as great as.
quantuscumque : quantacumque : quantumcumque : however great.
quantuslibet : as much as you will, as great as you will.
quantuvis : as great as you please, however great.
quapropter : wherefore.
quare : wherefore, why, because of which thing.
quartus : fourth.
quarum : (fem. pl. gen.) their envy and jealousy, OF WHICH we know.
quas : (fem. pl. acc.) the fates, against whom he struggled.
quasi : as if, just as, just as if, as it were /a sort of.
quassatio : a shaking.
quasso : to shake violently, shake to pieces, break, shatter.
quasso : to batter.
quatenus : in order that.
quatenus/quatinus : since, as, in order that, that.
quatenus : quatinus : how far, to what extent, where, seeing that.
quater : four times /again and again.
quattuor : four (indecl.).
quem : (masc. sing. acc.) (the man), WHOM the king struck.
quemadmodum : how? /just as, lust like.
quemadmodum : how, in what manner.
quendam : a certain (one, thing, someone).
queo : to be able.
quercetum : an oak grove, and oak forest.
quercus : oak tree.
querela : querella : complaint, complaining, accusation.
queribundus : complaining, plaintive, whining.
querimonia : complaint, accusation, a charge in court.
queritor : to complain excessively, whine, gripe.
quernus : oaken.
queror : to complain, lament, bewail (dogs) whine, whimper.
querulus : complaining, whining, lamenting.
questus : complaint, lament.
qui : quae : que : quod : which, what, that.
qui : (masc. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (men) WHO have eyes to see..
qui : (masc. neut. nom.) (the prince) WHO loved a milkmaid.
qui : (question) how? in what way? / somehow / wherewith.
quia : because.
quianam : why?.
quiane : why?.
quibus : (neut. pl. abl.) the arms WITH WHICH he won Rome.
quibus : (neut. pl. dat.) the crimes FOR WHICH he was executed.
quibus : (masc. pl. dat.) the monastery IN WHICH he was intered.
quibus : (masc. pl. abl.) his sons, BY WHOM he was attacked when old.
quibus : (fem. pl. abl.) the beards, BY WHICH the pirates were known.
quibus : (fem. pl. dat.) the good fortune, TO WHICH he owed his crown.
quicquid : whoever, whatever, whatsoever, anything at all.
quicum : with whom, with which.
quicumque : quaecumque : quodcumque : whatsoever, anything that.
quicumque : etc. : all that.
quicumque : etc, : any (one, thing, etc.) available.
quid : (question) what (thing)?.
quid : (+ genitive) how much? how many?.
quid ita : why so?.
quidam quaedam quedam quidam : a certain person or thing / a kind of.
quidem : indeed, certainly, at least/ ne .. quidem : not .. even.
quidem : adv, in truth, certainly, at least, indeed.
quidne : (question) why not?.
quies : quiet, rest, peace / a resting place / sleep / a dream.
quies : repose.
quiesco : to rest, sleep, be at ease / stop (doing something).
quiete : quietly, calmly.
quiete : calmly, undisputably.
quieto : to become calm.
quietus : resting, sleeping, undisturbed / neutral / quiet, calm.
quilibet : anyone, anything, whatever (or whomever) you like.
quin etiam : why even, in fact, moreover.
quin : but come now, rather, indeed,.
quin : (with verbs of hindering, etc.) "without + participle".
quin etiam : yea, indeed.
quin : [+ subj.] rather, let, verily.
quinam quaenam quenam quodnam : which? what?.
quindeciens : fifteen times.
quingenti : five hundred.
quinquagesimus : fiftieth, a fiftieth part.
quinque : five.
quinquennis : five years old.
quinquiplico : (-are) to multiply by five.
quinymo quinimmo : no, rather.
quippe : certainly, to be sure, indeed, of course.
quiris : curis : a spear.
quiritatio : a scream, cry, shriek.
quirito : (-are) to scream, cry out.
quis : (question) who?, what?, which?.
quis : anyone, anybody, anything.
quislibet : anybody, whom you will, all, any.
quisnam, quidnam : who, what.
quispiam : anyone, anything / someone, something.
quisquam : anyone, anything.
quisque : each one, each person.
quisquiliae : quisquiliarum : rubbish, trash, garbage, refuse.
quisquis : whoever, whatever, whatsoever, anything at all.
quo : to which place, to what place, whither, where.
quo : (neut. sing. abl.) (the eagerness) THROUGH WHICH he died.
quo : (masc. sing. abl.) (the money) BY means of WHICH he lived.
quod : (neut. sing. acc.) (the sea), WHICH you cannot drink dry.
quod : (+ comparative) the x the better (quod celior = the faster the.
quod : (beginning sentence) and, but, now.
quod : (neut. sing. nom.) (the war), WHICH killed so many.
quod : (with time) since, as far as, to the extent that.
quod : because, whereas, the point that, the fact that.
quod sui juris est : what is one's by right.
quodammodo : in a certain way, in a certain measure.
quomodo : in what manner, how/ in whatever way, somehow.
quondam : formerly, once, at one time, ertswhile.
quondam : former, one-time, deceased, late.
quoniam : since, whereas, because.
quoque : also, too.
quorum : (masc. pl. gen.) the army, half OF WHICH was ill.
quorum : (neut. pl. gen.) dangers, OF WHICH there were not a few.
quos : (masc. pl. acc.) those WHOM he accused of treachery.
quot : how many, as many (indecl.).
quotiens : often.
quotienscumque : however often.
quovis : to whatever place you will.

rabidus : raging, crazy.
rabies : madness, fury, frenzy.
rabies : frenzy.
rabiose : savagely, furiously.
radicitus : by the roots, utterly.
radio : beam.
radix : source, root, foundation.
rapina : ravishment, rapine, robbery.
rapio : rapui : ratum : to seize, snatch, carry away.
rapio : to ravish, steal, rob.
raptor : ravisher, thief.
rare : thinly, rarely, uncommonly.
rarus : rare, uncommon /far apart /thin, scanty.
ratio : system, manner, method, procedure, manner.
ratio : reckoning, account /reason, judgment, consideration.
ratio : procedure, theory.
rationabiliter : reasonably.
ratis : vessel.
re vera : in truth.
rebellis : rebellious, rebels.
rebello : to wage war against, rebel.
reboare : to resound like celestial thunder.
recedentia : retreat, ebbing, disappearance / distant, far.
recedo : retire, withdraw.
recedo : to go back, retreat, retire, disappear.
recedo : to fall back, pass away, depart.
recenseo : to recount, review.
recessus : a going back, retreat /place of retreat, quiet place.
recidivus : returning, restored, rebuilt.
recipero : to receive, accept, withdraw, take back.
recipero : to regain, revive, restore.
recipio : recepi : receptum : to go back, retire, recede, retreat.
reciproca : reverberating.
recito : to read aloud, recite.
recognosco : to recognize, recollect, recall.
recolitus : venerable, honorable, worshipful.
recolligo : gather, regather, flock together.
recolo : to recall, reflect upon, rework, resume, rehabilitate.
recolo : to cultivate, work again, resume, rehabilitate.
recolo : to consider, recall, comtemplate.
reconcilio : to restore, repair / (of persons) unite, reconcile.
recondo : lay up, store, hoard.
recoquo : recast.
recordatio : recollection, memory, recall.
recordo : to be mindful of, recollect .
recordor : to remember, think of, recollect, ponder over.
recreo : to revive.
recro : to recreate, restore, revive.
rector : guider, leader, director, ruler, master.
rectum : virtue, right.
rectus : right, correct, proper, upright, natural, plain.
rectus : straight, appropriate.
recubo : to recline, lie.
recuperatio : recovery, recuperation.
recupero : to regain, recoup, recover.
recuso : to refuse, decline, reject, be unwilling.
recuso : to refuse.
redarguo : disprove, refute. with gen. prove guilty, convict.
redarguo : to confute.
reddo : to give back, restore, return /answer, translate, render.
reddo : to repeat, recite, represent, imitate, pay up, deliver.
reddo : to impart, render, return, hand over, surrender.
redemptio : ransoming, redemption, buying back, farming taxes.
redemptor : redeemer (Christ).
redeo : to go back, come back, return /(revenue) to come in.
redeo : to be reduced to, fall back upon.
redeo : to fall back upon, be reduced to, be brought to.
redigo :(redactum) to bring or reduce to a condition, lessen.
redigo : to bring back, make, reduce.
redimio : to crown, bind around, encircle, surround.
redimo : to redeem, ransom, buy back /hire, buy, procure.
redintegro : to repair, fix, restore.
reditus : return /income, revenue /reward.
redivivus : rennovated, reconstructed, rebuilt /recycled.
redomo : to break, tame [again].
redono : to give back, give up.
reduco : to lead back, bring back, return.
redundantia : overflowing, redundancy.
redundo : to overflow, stream over, overflow, excess, flood.
redux : one brought back from imprisonment.
refectorium : refectory, monastic mess hall.
refer : to recount, recite, announce, allege, report, reply.
refercio : to stuff, cram.
refero : to bring as expected, pay up, deliver.
refero : to say back, reply, answer.
refero : to carry back, bring back, return.
refero : retuli : relatum : to bring back a message, refer.
refero : to put down, enter (in a register) /assign to a cause.
refero : to bring again, restore, repeat, echo, reproduce, recall.
refert : (impersonal) it concerns, it makes a difference.
refertus : stuffed, crammed.
reficio : to repair, fill.
reformo : to form again, re-establish, mould anew.
refoveo : to cherish again, refresh, warm.
refragatio : resistance.
refreno : to check, rein in.
refrigerium : consolation.
refugium : refuge.
refulgo : to shine brightly.
refundo : to infuse.
refuto : to repel, repress, oppose.
regalis : of a king, royal, regal.
regenero : to be born again.
regimen : rule, guidance.
regina : queen.
regio : region.
regius : royal, regal.
regno : to reign, rule, predominate.
regnum : rule, authority, kingdom, realm.
rego : rexi : rectum : to guide, govern, direct, to rule.
regredior : to march back, retreat, return.
regressus : retreat.
regula : rule / monastic rule.
relatio : to report.
relatus : recital, report.
relaxo : to loosen, enlarge, relax, ease, lighten.
relego : relegi : relectum : to read again, re-read.
relevo : to lift again, lighten, alleviate, relieve.
relictus : someone having inherited, been bequeathed.
relictus : left behind.
religio : fear of God, way of life, esp of monks/nuns.
religiosus : god-fearing.
relinquo : to leave behind, bequeath/abandon, forsake.
reliquum : remainder, what is left, leavings.
relucesco : to become bright again.
reluctor : to struggle against, resist.
remandatum : reply.
remando : to notify in return, send back word, respond.
remaneo : to remain behind, stay, continue.
rememdium : cure, remedy, nostrum, medicine.
remeo : to return home, return.
remigium : oar, rowing.
reminiscor : to recall.
remitto : to forgive, send back.
removeo : to draw back, set aside, take away.
remuneror : to repay, reward.
remuneror : to repay.
remunio : to refortify.
reniteo : to flash.
renovatio : renewal, renovation, restoration.
renovo : to revive, renew, restore, repair, repeat.
renuntio : to declare, announce, report, give notice.
renuo : to deny, refuse, reject.
reor : to think, suppose, decide.
reparo : to restore, renew, make good /buy, purchase, obtain in trade.
repecto : to comb back.
repedo : to go back.
repello : to drive back, repel.
rependo : to ransom, pay back, requite.
repens : sudden, unexpected, fresh, recent.
repente : suddenly, unexpectedly.
repentina : sudden, unexpected.
repere : to crawl.
reperio : to get again, find, ascertain, invent, find again.
reperio : to meet with, devise, hit upon, discover, find.
repetitio : repetition.
repeto : to fall upon again, repeat, demand repeatedly, return.
repeto : to seek again, ask back, recommence.
repeto : to return to, begin again, deduce, recall, recollect.
repleo : to replenish, fill up, fill up again, fill, satisfy.
repletus : filled, full.
replico : to reflect upon, withdraw.
repo : repsi : reptum : to creep, crawl.
repono : to deposit, lay up, store / requite.
repraesento : to display, hurry on.
reprehendo : to blame, reprove, refute, hold back, check, catch.
reproba : -ae, false.
reprobabilis : comtemptible.
reprobo : reject, disaprove, condemn.
repromitto : to promise in return, promise again.
repugno : to make resistance.
repungo : to prick, goad.
repuo : to reject.
reputo : to reckon, reflect upon, impute, think, judge.
reputo : to believe, suppose.
requies : repose.
requietum : repose, rest.
requiro : to ask for, look for, demand, desire, miss.
requiro : to seek, hunt for.
res rei : thing, matter, busines, affair.
res publica : commonwealth, state, republic, public business.
res : thing, object, being, matter, affair, event, fact, circumstance.
res: occurrence, deed, condition, case.
resarcio : to repair, mend, patch.
reseco : to cut back, cut short, diminish.
reseco : to cut loose, intransitive : to depart.
resero : to reveal.
reservo : keep back, hold back, reserve /keep, preserve.
resideo : to abide, be left behind, sit up.
resipisco : to recover one's senses, become reasonable.
resisto : to resist, halt, withstand, make a stand, oppose.
resisto : to resist, halt, withstand.
resolvo : to enfeeble.
resono : to resound, [+ acc] make resound with,.
resonus : resounding.
respectus : regard.
respergo : [resperi, respersum] to sprinkle, splash.
respicio : to look back, provide for, respect, have regard for.
respicio : to turn attention to.
respiratio : respiration, exhalation.
respiro : to breathe /breathe again /recover /decline, diminish, ebb.
respondeo : respondi : responsum : to answer, reply, respond.
responsal : deputy, representative.
responsiva : a written reply, answering letter.
respublica : state.
respuo : to refuse, cast off, reject.
restauro : to restore.
restio : rope-maker.
restituo : restore, put back, replace, reinstate, repair.
restruo : to restore.
resumo : to recover, renew, repeat, resume.
resupinus : lying on one's back.
resurrectio : f, resurection, awakening, renewal.
retardo : to impede, slow down, obstruct.
retendo : to slacken, unbend, become flexible.
retineo : to hold back, restrain, detain, keep, maintain.
retineo : to remember, not let go, keep, affirm.
retracto : to reconsider, undertake again.
retraho : retraxi : retractum : to draw back, pull back.
retribuo : to give again, give as due.
retrogradior : to go backwards.
retrudo : to thrust back.
retundo : to check.
reus : defendant, accused, answerable, bound.
reus : culprit.
revello : to violate, pluck away.
revenio : to come back, return.
revera : in reality.
reverbero : to repel.
reverens : reverent.
reverenter : with awe, respectfully.
reverentia : awe, reverence.
revereor : to stand in awe.
reverto : to go back, return, revert.
revertor : reverti : reversus : to return, come back.
revoco : to call back, recover, refer, revoke.
revolvo : to unroll a book, go over again, repeat.
revolvo : to reflect upon, brood.
rex regis : king.
rhetor : rhetorician, teacher of rhetoric.
rhetor : orator.
rhetoricus : rhetorical.
rideo risi risum : to laugh at, laugh.
ridiculum : n, ridiculous.
ridiculus : facetious, laughable.
riginta : (indecl.) thirty.
rigor : stiffness, hardness, sterness.
rimor : to examine, explore, investigate, root up.
risus : laughter.
rite : duly.
ritus : ritual, usage, ceremony, rite.
rixa, rixatio : quarrel.
rixor : to wrangle.
robur : strength.
robustus : hardy, robust.
rogo eum ut +subjunctive : to ask someone to do something.
rogo : to ask, ask for.
ros : moisture.
rostrum : bill of a bird, beak.
rota : wheel.
roto : to turn round like a wheel, rotate, turn, go around.
Rotomagense : Rouen.
rotundus : wheel-shaped, round.
rubor : redeness, blush, modesty, shame, disgrace.
rudimentum : trial, attempt, essay.
rudis : clumsy, rude, raw, rough, uncultivated.
rudo : to bellow, roar.
rufus : red, ruddy.
ruga : a wrinkle.
rugio : rumble.
ruina : downfall, destruction.
ruinosus : falling down, going to ruin.
rumex : sorrel.
rumino : to chew the cud, ruminate.
ruminor : to ruminate upon.
rumor : hearsay, rumor, gossip.
rumpo : rumpi : rumpus : to break, shatter, interrupt.
rumpo : to rupture, annull, violate.
runa : a dart.
runco : to thin out, weed, cull.
ruo : rui : rutum : to rush, fall, be ruined.
ruo : to rush, tumble down.
rursus : on the other hand, in return, back, again.
rus : ruris : the country, countryside, rural area.
rustice : (adv) boorishly, in a peasant manner.
rusticus : rustic, rural /peasant.
ruta : bitterness, unpleasantness, the herb rue.
rutila : a spade, shovel.
rutilus : red, golden, auburn.
rutilus : shining.

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List of Latin Terms: Q-R
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