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 List of Latin Terms: U-Z

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PostSubject: List of Latin Terms: U-Z   Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:47 pm


ualeo : to be able to, to succeed in (doing something).
uber : productive, fertile, abundant, rich.
uber : fruitful.
uberrime : most luxuriantly, most abundantly, most fruitfully.
ubertas : bounty, plenty, abundance.
ubertas : plenteousness, richness, fertility.
uberte : abundantly.
ubi : when, as soon as / wherein, whereby, whereas.
ueraciter : more veracious, more truly.
ueratius : more true.
ulciscor : to take vengeance for, avenge / take vengeance on.
ulciscor : to take revenge on, get back at.
ullatenus : in any respect whatever.
ullus : any.
ulterius : farther, more advanced, more remote.
ultio ultionis : avenging, punishment, revenge.
ultor : avenger.
ultra : (+ acc.) : farther (than), more (than).
ultra : (+ acc.) beyond, on the far side of.
ultrix : avenging.
ultroneus : of one's own accord.
ululatus : howling.
umbra : shade, shadow.
umerus humerus : shoulder, upper arm.
umquam : ever, at any time.
una : (adv.) in one, together.
unanimis : of one mind.
uncia : a twelfth, an ounce.
unciatim : little by little.
unda : billow, water.
unde : whence, from where /how, from whom.
undique : from all sides, everywhere, on all sides, altogether.
undique secus : from every quarter, in every part of the world.
undisonus : resounding, loud with waves.
undo : to surge, wave, undulate /to flood.
unguentum : salve, balm, ointment.
unique, extraordinary, individual, singular.
universa : entire, complete.
universe : generally, in general.
universi : all together.
universitas : the whole, total, universe, world /university.
universum : universe, the world.
universus : combined in one, whole, entire.
unus : one, only one, at the same time/ single, alone /unparalleled.
upilio opilio : shepherd.
uranicus : heavenly.
urbanus : urban, urbane, pertaining to the city.
urbs urbis : city.
urbs : city, town.
uredo : blight of plants.
uredo : a plant blight.
urgeo : to drive, beset, urge.
urino : to dive.
urinor : a diver.
usitas : customary, usual.
usitor : to be in the habit of using.
usquam : anywhere.
usque : all the way, up to), even (to).
usquequaque : always.
ustilo ustulo : to burn, scorch, singe. (Hermann, p. 308).
usura : using, enjoying, profiting /using money lent /interest.
usurpo : to obtain, acquire, get possession of.
usurpo : to take for oneself, use, employ, enjoy /perceive, observe.
usurpo : to appropriate unlawfully.
usus : use, experience, skill, advantage, profit.
ususfructus : profit, the use of something.
ut : (+ subj.) (result) so that, that.
ut : (+ subj.) (purpose) in order that, to, that.
ut : (+ indic.) when, as.
ut : (+ subj.) (command) to, that.
uter : utrius : either of the two.
utercumque : whichever of the two.
uterlibet : whichever of the two you wish.
uterque : (gen. utriusque) both, each side, each party.
uterus : womb, belly, lower stomach.
Uticensium : Evroul.
utilis : useful, advantageous, helpful.
utilis : beneficial.
utilitas : utility, usefulness.
utilitas : utility.
utinam : If only that were true! Would that it were the case!.
utique : at any rate, certainly, at least.
utor : uti : usus : to use, employ, possess, enjoy.
utor : to associate with, find.
utor : to take advantage of, benefit or profit from, use.
utor : with traits of character, yield to
utpote : seeing that, inasmuch as, inasmuch as, since, namely.
utrimque : from both sides, on both sides.
utroque : to both sides, in both directions / at each point.
utrum : whether.
utrum...an: whether .. or.
uxor : wife, spouse.

vacillo : to fall into confusion.
vaco : to be free from work, of a master, of property.
vacuus : empty, devoid of, free from.
vacuus : without, useless.
vado : go, hasten, rush.
vadum : ford, shallows.
vae : (interj.), woe, alas, woe to.
vafra : crafty.
vagitus : squalling.
vagus : vagrant, wandering.
valde : strongly, powerfully /very, exceedingly.
valde : intensely, very much, extremely, greatly.
valde : adj, great, exceedingly.
valde : intensely.
valedico : bid farewell.
valens : stong, powerful, healthy /able, worthwhile.
valentia : vigor.
valeo : valui : valiturus : to be strong, have power, be well.
valeo : to have strength, have power, be effective.
valesco : to grow strong.
valetudo : health, good health, bad health.
valetudo : condition, good health.
validus : strong, robust, able.
validus : mighty, powerful, exceeding.
validus : vigorous.
vallo : to surround, defend.
vallum : palisade, earthen wall, entrenchment, palisaded rampart, ditch, moat.
vapulus : flogged, beaten, knocked about.
varietas : variety, differences, diversity.
varietas : changeableness.
varius : various, varied.
varius : changing, changeable.
vas : vessel, glass, cup.
vasallus : servant.
vastata : ravaged.
vastatio : devastation, ravaging.
vastatio : ravaging.
vates : bard, prophet.
vectigal : revenue.
vectigalis : tributary.
vegetabilis : invigorating.
vegetabiliter : vigorously.
vegeto : to invigorate.
vegetus : lively, fresh, vigorous.
vegrandis : diminutive, small, tiny.
vehemens : violent, furious, impetuous.
vehementer : violently, forcefully, strongly, exceedingly.
vehementer : impetuously.
vehemens : vehement.
vehiculum : conveyance, vehicle.
veho vexi vectum : to carry, convey.
veho : (in the passive) to sail, ride, drive, etc.
veho : to sail, convey, carry.
vel : vel .. vel either .. or.
vel : or, (adv.) even, actually, for example.
velamen : covering, garment.
veles : light-armed troops.
velico : to pluck, twitch /criticize, taunt.
velitatio : skirmish, bickering, dispute, wrangling.
velius : velieris : hide, fleece, skin.
velivola : winged with sails.
vello : velli : vulsum : to pull, pluck out.
velociter: quickly, rapidly, swiftly.
velox : fleet, quick, rapid, swift, fast.
velum : sail, covering, awning, curtain.
velut : adv. just as, like, even as.
vena : vein /stream /vein of ore /streak.
venalia : venial sins /supplies.
venalicium : market.
venalis : to be sold, up for sale /a slave.
venaliter : by bribery, corruption.
venatio : hunting, game, the chase.
venator : hunter, huntsman.
venatus : game.
venditio : sale /closing of a bargain.
vendo : to sell, offer for sale, advertise /betray.
Vendolius : Vendeuil.
veneficus : poisonous, magical /witch, wizard, caster of spells.
venenifer : poisonous.
venenum : drug, poison, potion.
veneratio : respect, reverence, honor, veneration.
venia : grace, indulgence, favor, pardon, forgiveness.
venio : to get into a certain state, to fall into.
venio : to come /happen, come about, come to pass /arise.
venire contra : to come to.
veno : [dative] for sale.
venor : to hunt,.
ventagium : winnowing.
venter : ventris : the stomach, belly, abdomen.
ventilo : to fan /to wave something.
ventilo : to toss in the air.
ventio : a coming.
ventito : to come often, to visit frequently.
ventorium : winnowing fan. .
ventosa : conceited.
ventosus : full of wind, windy, breezy.
ventulus : breeze, soft wind.
ventus : wind, rumor, favor.
venum : [acc] for sale.
venustas : loveliness, charm, attractiveness, beauty.
venustas : loveliness.
venustus : lovely, charming.
vepres : thorn-bush, briar.
ver : spring.
ver : veris : spring, the production of spring.
verber : lashing.
verbera : (in pl.) blows, a beating, thrashing.
verberantia : a flogging.
verbero : to lash, beat, whip, flog.
Verbigena : he who was born of the word (Christ).
verbis suis, meis, etc : in his own name.
verbum : word.
vercundus : bashful, modest.
vere : truly, really, actually, rightly.
vere : in fact, real, true.
verecundia : feeling of shame, shame, bashfulness.
verecundor : to feel diffident, ashamed.
verecundus : shamefaced.
verendus : reverend.
vereor : to respect, fear, be in dread of, to be afraid.
vereor : to fear.
vergo : to bend, incline, verge, to draw to an end.
veridicus : truth-telling.
veritas : truth.
veritas : truthfulness.
vermis : worm.
Vernandense : Vermandois.
verno : to bloom.
vernula : servant.
vero : in truth, indeed, to be sure /however.
verso : to whirl.
versor : to remain, be engaged in.
versus : line, verse.
versutia : ingenuity.
verto : to turn, turn around, turn up / to put to flight, rout.
verto : to flee/ interpret, understand/ upset, overthrow.
verto in prosperum : to turn out well, ascribe, refer.
verto : to turn into, tranform.
verto : [+ yerga, tergam] turn, retreat/ exchange.
verum-i : truth, truly, in fact.
verumtamen verumptamen : notwithstanding, nevertheless.
verus : true, real, proper, right.
vesco, vescor : to feed, to eat.
vesica : bladder, bladder-like tumor.
vesper : evening star, evening.
vespera : evening prayer, vespers.
vespillo : undertaker.
vester : vestra : vestrum : (plu.) your, yours.
vestigium : footstep, trace, mark. soles of the feet.
vestimentum : garment.
vestio : to clothe, garb, dress.
vestis : clothing, garment, covering, blanket, carpet, tapestry.
vestitus : clothing.
vestrum vestri : your yours/ you may sing about YOUR pretty gals.
veter : of a former time.
vetus : old.
vexamen : shake-up, upheaval. .
vexillum : flag, banner, standard /troop, company, small unit.
vexo : to vex, annoy, irritate /shake, toss/ harrass.
via : road, way, street.
viaticus : pertaining to a journey , a journey /money, prize-money.
viator : traveller /messenger.
vicarius : vicar.
vices : per vices -- by turns, successively.
vicina : neighbor.
vicinus : neighbor/ (med.) resident.
vicis concor : reciprocal service.
vicis : time, occasion, opportunity, event.
vicissim : in turn, on the other hand.
vicissitudo : alternation.
vicissitudo: change, alteration.
victor : victor, winner.
victoria : victory.
victualia : supplies, foodstuffs, provisions.
victus : living, manner of life / nourishment, food.
victus : victuals, sustenance.
vicus : village, neigborhood, quarter (or a city), street.
videlicet : it is clear/ (adv.) clearly, plainly, namely.
videlicet : (adv.) (ironically) of course, to be sure.
video vidi visum : to see, observe, understand, comprehend.
videor : to be seen, seem, appear.
viduata : deprived, widowed, bereft.
viduatus : widowhood.
viduitas : celibacy.
viduo : to deprive.
vieo : to weave together, stitch, plait.
vietus : shriveled, withered, shrunken.
vigens : vigorous.
vigeo : to flourish, bloom.
vigerius : verger, provost.
vigesco : to become vigorous.
vigilo : to be awake, watch, be vigilant /to keep vigil.
vigor : vigor, liveliness.
vigoratus : stout, heale, hearty.
vigoro : to animate.
vilicus, villicus : pertaining to an estate, overseer, steward.
vilis : cheap, worth little.
vilis : mean, cheap.
vilitas : cheapness, low-price, worthlessness.
villa : country house, country estate /(med.) manor, village.
villa : villa, village, hamlet, court, hof.
villanus : villager, inhabitant of vill or farm, customary tenant.
servile villicus : estate steward.
vinco vici victum : conquer, overcome, master, win, surpass, excel.
vinco : to vanquish, overmatch, excel.
vinculum : bond, fetter, tie.
vinculum : tie, chain.
vindex : avenger.
vindicat se de : to revenge oneself on.
vindico (vindicatum) : claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate.
vindico : to liberate, deliver/ punish, avenge/ claim, assume.
vindico : to avenge, punish, liberate, deliver, protect.
vindico : to claim.
vinea : f, vineyard.
vinitor : vine-dresser (a man who prunes grape vines).
vinum : wine.
violenter : violently, by force.
violentus : boisterous.
violo : to injure.
vipereus : viper-like.
vir : man, hero, man of courage.
virga : a green twig, rod, stick, wand, broom, streak, stripe.
virgo : maiden, virgin, young girl.
virgo : maiden.
viridis : green.
viriliter : manfully.
virtus : manliness, excellence, character, worth, courage.
virtus : valor, prowess, moral virtue, virtuousness,manhood, power.
virus : virus, slime, poison.
vis vires (pl.) : force, power, strength, might, influence.
vis : (sing.) violence /a large number, quantity, a force /nature.
vis : force.
viscus : flesh, internal organs, bowels, entrails, heart.
viscus : viscera : flesh, bowels.
visio : likeness, face, visage.
vispilio : a thief by night, robber.
visum : vision, view, sight.
vita : life, way of life.
vitiosus : vicious, full of vice, corrupt.
vitium : fault, vice, crime.
vito : to avoid, shun.
vitricus : step-father.
vitualamen : sacrifice, offering.
vitualis : manliness, virtues.
vituperabilis : blameworthy.
vituperium : insult.
vitupero : to disparage.
viva vox : an oral statement.
viva voce : aloud.
vivax : lively.
vivifico : to quicken.
vivificus : live-giving, life-restoring.
vivo vixi victum : to live, be alive.
vivo : to live, to sustain, support life.
vix : scarcely, hardly, with difficulty, barely.
vobis : (dat.) you /i'm talkin' to YOU, yeah, talkin' 'bout Cindy.
vobis : (abl.) you /who knows more than YOU? i do!.
vociferatio : outcry.
vociferor : to cry aloud, shout.
voco in dubium: to call into question.
voco : to call, summon, name invite.
voco : to summon.
volaticus : winged, flying /inconstant, unreliable/ flighty.
volatilis: wuged, flying /swift, rapid /fleeting, transitory.
volator : fowler, hunter of birds.
volatus : velocity.
volens : wishing, willing, favorable.
volito : to rush back and forth, flutter, flit about / hurry, hasten.
volo (sibi velle) : to mean, signify, denote.
volo : to fly, speed, move rapidly.
volo : to wish, want, will, ordain, suppose, maintain that, be willing.
volubilis : rolling, revolving, turning around /changeable, inconstant.
volubilis : (of speech) rapid, fluent, voluble.
volubiliter : fluently.
volucris : flying creature, winged, winged creature.
voluntarius : voluntary.
voluntarius : willing.
voluntas : wish, will, inclination / good will.
voluntas : last will, testament / meaning, sense.
voluntas : will, purpose.
volup : agreeably, pleasantly.
voluptarius : pleasant, one devoted to pleasure.
voluptas : pleasure.
voluptas : sensual delight.
voluptuosus : delightful, pleasurable.
voluptuosus : luxurious, pleasure-seeking.
volutabrum : pigsty, slough.
volutarie : willingly.
volva : vulva : womb (particularly that of a sow).
volvo : to meditate upon, roll on or onwards.
vomer : plowshare.
vomer : ploughshare.
vomica : ulcer, sore, boil /plague, curse.
vomito : to vomit, vomit forth, throw up.
vorago : chasm, pit, abyss.
vorax : gluttonous, voracious.
voro : to eat greedily, swallow up, consume, gorge oneself.
vos : you (pl) /YOU can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man.
vos : (acc.) you (pl) /I'll fight YOU all, then; bring me giants!.
vota : vows, wishes.
votum : prayer, wish, desire /vow, promise to God.
voveo : vovi : votum : to promise to God, vow, pray for.
voveo : to vow.
vox : vocis : voice, word /(med.) power, right, authority.
vox : cry, voice/ jurisdiction, authority.
Vulcanus : fire-god.
vulgaris : common, ordinary, usual.
vulgariter : in the common way, ordinary manner.
vulgivagus : wandering, vagrant, intinerant.
vulgo : to spread, publish, impart, make accessible.
vulgus : the common people, mob, rabble, mass, multitude.
vulnero : to wound, injure, hurt, harm.
vulnus : wound.
vulpes : volpes : fox.
vulticulus : look, aspect, appearance.
vultuosus : grimacing, affected.
vultur : voltur : vulturius : volturius : vulture.
vultus : expression of the face, countenance, look, aspect.
vultus : a face, appearance, shape, form.

xiphias : sword-fish.

ymber : rain shower, rain storm, pelting rain.
ymo (immo): on the contrary, by no means/ by all means.

zelus : jealousy.
zephyr : west wind.

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List of Latin Terms: U-Z
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