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 List of Original Creatures

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PostSubject: List of Original Creatures   Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:56 am

-Friesien Horses with flames for feathers, mane, and tail
- Can come in a variety of colors (pink, orange gold, silver, and bronze are extremely rare)

- Winged Unicorns can come in metallic colors including black and white
- Foals start out as pearly beige

- Winged Horses that come in the standard variety of colors
- The legendary Pegasus was born from this race; the wizard Perseus Zues broke wizarding law when riding the creature in front of muggles; sent to Azkaban for 20 years before release[/b]

- Dog-like creatures that are widely regarded to be hellhounds.
- Can be tamed and used for hunting mountain trolls and other big game.
- Found primarily in Finland
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List of Original Creatures
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